Do you want control over your employee’s business travel costs without sacrificing quality? Only professionals understand that managing trips (from start to the end) and having staff comply with all company’s travel policies feels like a never-ending battle.

Long checkout lines, problems in booking hotel rooms and delayed flight during the holiday season, are all common for business travellers. You also have to deal with those last-minute changes. With all of this, and so on the list of issues continues–––it’s easy to feel stressed. In fact, travelling during the holiday season can bring a lot of stress.

Did you know?

According to the survey, 35 percent of the business travellers feel more work related-pressure during this time of the year. And this might be due to stress and the unhealthy behaviours of people around you.

7 tests travellers go through

• Being scammed. …
• ‘We don’t have your reservation’ …
• Losing/forgetting your passport. …
• Going through a break-up. …
• Missing a flight. …
• Getting sick. …
• Losing something important.


Do you need to make business travel a pain-free experience?

Every day, you receive a bulk of emails flying back and forth with missed approval deadlines and constant changes in the plan. And you feel like everything needs to rearrange. If this hurts you, your company needs a solution that is tried and tested and simplest of all. Hire a corporate travel planner! Yes, “There has to be a better way.”

Space Saving Travel Tips

Top 3 benefits of choosing corporate travel partners

If you recall decades back you will realize that the infant travel industry is mismanaged (because of no automation at workplaces) as compared to the one we have now. However, uncertainties or emergencies situations still happen even if things go well planned––example, travellers can get sick, loss of baggage, delayed flights, etc. But with the travel partners, you get everything sorted out as they are experienced in handling these unpredictable cases on a daily basis. Moreover, they have contacts at all the important places, so you need not to worry when hiring a business travel agent for future trips.

Let’s have a look at top- three benefits of working with an experienced business travel agency.

1. Help you get lower prices

You may have no idea how business travel planner helps you manage your employees travel expenses worldwide. They are experienced in the industry and know all ins-and-outs that an individual might not be able to understand. For example, during a holiday season it is hard to get tickets or they are so expensive that you can’t even think to afford. But because corporate travel agents buy tickets in bulk they get at cheap prices always.

2. Plan ahead

Corporate travelling might get disturbed due to natural disasters, political instability, potential violence, or because of urgent airport evacuation as a result of criminal threats. Because emergencies and contingencies are part and parcel of traveling, a smart business travel agent always plans ahead. They get everything sorted out even before employees become aware of the situation so that they don’t get stressed out and continue focusing on the goals of their business trip.

3. Ability to Handle All Tasks

From processing the visa application process of each traveller to arranging flight fares and managing hotel accommodation to transportation issues within the city, a business travel agent takes care of everything. Likewise, the best part of their services is that they customize each trip according to your needs and budget. And if needed later, they make changes accordingly.

How do corporate agents work efficiently?

Indeed, with the growth of online travel booking sites or other self-booking tools you might wonder why hiring business travellers is the best decision. The truth is, you enjoy a huge number of benefits when working with the right travel agency.

Well, business travel planner has complete inside knowledge of the travel industry, therefore, it’s not hard for them to understand what clients expect from them. With complete information available in each area, they are able to get the best rates on the market. Moreover, they are good enough to analyze future market trends (when fares will be high or low, etc) that could affect their clients business trips. In short, they love to make attractive choices for business owners now and in the near future.

Questions to Ask Your Business Travel Partner

• How can I access itineraries online?
• What vendors would you work with?
• Do you have a travel change policy?
• Will agents be available 24/7?
• Do you offer customization?
• Are prices guaranteed?
• What type of software do you use?


7 Must-Have Qualities of a Business Travel Agent To Look For:

• They are experienced
• They are self-starters and highly organized
• They have good negotiation power––must offer you good discounts
• They have a vision
• They use the latest software and other industry-specific tools
• Integrity and passion are must-haves
• Ability to deal with contingencies/emergencies


Bottom line

The world is changing fast, and with each passing day, the complexity of business travelling is increasing––corporate travelling has become the need of every other business, hence, results in increased competition among industry giants.

A business travel planner aims at providing companies with complete insight, transparency, control, and flexibility––throughout their journey––while providing everyone with efficiency and care. Also, at the end of the trip, they visit each staff personally to ask about their experience working with them and if the tour fits their expectations or not. Moreover, they ask if there’s anything to fix at their part. After all, good customer service is what everyone demands.

Thank you for reading!