Those looking for the perfect destination for a short getaway have come to the right place: Nazaré. This humble village in Portugal stands out for its fascinating culture, deeply rooted in tradition and the Catholic faith, and for its wide variety of interesting destinations worth visiting.

Nazaré is a town in Portugal, located between Lisbon, Alcobaça and Batalha, considered a hidden treasure for tourists. It is a coastal and fishermen’s region, a small but charming town, which has a variety of tourist activities to delight travellers who want to get to know a fantastic, traditional and relaxing place.


Strolling through the streets of Silves Portugal and seeing the villagers going about their daily lives in their traditional costumes is an experience that is simply unique. Women with 7 skirts and men doing the typical fishing tasks are a natural and welcoming accompaniment that gives that special touch to the surroundings and invites you to get to know the most interesting destinations of the town.

What to do in Nazaré? The best destinations

Many of those who wish to visit Nazaré seek to enjoy its incredible climate and take a dip in the coast or a good swimming pool. Visitors should not miss the Ohai Resort Nazaré, a popular resort in this region.


The highlight of the resort is definitely its swimming pools built from recycled material. They have the largest swimming pool in Europe made exclusively from shipping containers, reconditioned and adapted for use by all visitors.

In addition, the resort has a variety of activities for both children and adults, including restaurants, gym, bungalows, glamping, among many other things. It is definitely the best place to stay in Nazaré.

Many have chosen to stay in the Bungalows Ohai to enjoy a place with a calm atmosphere and forget about all the problems for a few days. Disconnection and relaxation is what you get when you set foot in Nazaré and enjoy all that it has to offer, even more so at the Ohai Resort.

As for places of interest in Nazaré, one place that is a must-see is the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Nazaré. It is dedicated to Our Lady of Nazaré, and it is here that the annual feast of this patron saint is celebrated every September. Therefore, if you profess the Catholic doctrine, it is well worth a visit at this time of the year, so as not to miss the celebration.

The Chapel of Memory is another destination in Nazaré dedicated to the Catholic faith, which is of great importance due to its relationship with the foundation of this town.

According to legend, Fuas Ropinho tried to hunt a deer in Pedreira in 1182, but it ran towards the cliff. When Ropinho realized that his horse was about to fall, he barely had time to pray to the Virgin, so miraculously his mount stopped just before he threw himself off. To give thanks to the Virgin, Ropinho built this chapel, thus founding the village of Nazaré.

As for the viewpoints, the Suberco viewpoint is highly recommended. It is 110 metres high and is considered to offer one of the most beautiful views in Portugal. It is also an ideal place to practice sport fishing and to meditate in calm and peace.

What about the beach?


Its beaches are very popular in summer, for those seeking a moment of calm and enjoy the beautiful coasts, considered by many as the best in Portugal. In addition, there is also a large influx of tourists due to the surfing championships that are frequently held there.

It is also a very popular destination for those who follow the Catholic religion, one of the most devout religions in the world. In Nazaré there are several religious festivals and processions in honour of Our Lady of Nazaré. It is not surprising, then, that there are several churches and shrines to visit in this fascinating town.