Preparing for the largest and most important cultural and artistic event in history. The opening ceremony of the fourth pyramid on the Giza Plateau “The Grand Egyptian Museum” will outperform any other opening that preceded it.

The Grand Egyptian Museum

Preparations for the Opening of The Grand Egyptian Museum

An invitation to attend the event has been sent to the Kings and Presidents of the World to attend the most important event of the largest cultural engineering masterpiece in the twenty-first century, the inauguration of The Grand Egyptian Museum. Celebrations should be lasting for 12 consecutive days, beginning with the first day that world leaders will attend.

From the second day, celebrations will continue in the presence of Businessmen, heads of major companies and senior officials of countries of the world with tickets of attendance ranging from 5-10 thousand dollars.

The Grand Egyptian Museum

After the last day, The Grand Egyptian Museum will open its doors to citizens and tourists with preo-ordered tickets. More than 20 international companies have put the scenario of the huge ceremony.

The Grand Egyptian Museum Opera Show

An opera show is being implemented along the lines of “Aida” under the name “Tutankhamun’s opera” in partnership with Egyptologist Zahi Hawass and the famous musician Zambone and the well-known Italian screenwriter Santocono. It will be shown in various world operas after the opening.

opera aida

The show includes the story of the life of the Egyptian king Tutankhamun and his relationship with his father Akhenaten. Then the role of his mother, Nefertiti. With the role of King Hormeheb in eliminating the Aton worship.

Zahi Hawass leads a dramatic epic for a true story lived on the land of Egypt and will write for the new global play to overtake the spotlight from the show “Aida” that was written by the French Auguste Marietta during the opening ceremony of the Suez Canal in early 1871 by order of Khedive Ismail.

The Grand Egyptian Museum

Screens are being rented in the largest fields of the world to promote the opera concert and the new museum with the publication of ads on the local and international media.

The Grand Egyptian Museum Media Coverage

An agreement has been signed with the largest advertising and advertising institutions in the world with the Ministry of Tourism to cover the ceremony; most notably the US network CNN and Discovery and Expedia.

Grand Egyptian Museum

It is noteworthy that the Grand Egyptian Museum “GEM” will be open at the end of 2020 and it is the largest of its kind in the world. At a cost of one billion dollars, will include over a hundred thousand unique antiquities from the history of Egypt, the greatest civilization on earth. The museum is the gift of Egypt to the world and all mankind.

The Grand Egyptian Museum

The new Egyptian Museum places Egypt on the Insider list. As newly published, Egypt was on the list of the Insider website for the 12 most important tourist destinations to visit in 2020.

The site pointed to the new Egyptian Museum, due to open next year, at a cost of about $ 1.1 billion is one of the most important reasons that drive tourists to put Egypt on their bucket lists.

The Grand Egyptian Museum

It is expected that the new Egyptian Museum, when it opens, will be the second largest museum in the world, and the largest museum in the world dedicated to one civilization.

The Grand Egyptian Museum

Many of the antiques were moved from the Egyptian museum in Tahrir square in Cairo where they were stored for decades.