Omar El Galla is a young Egyptian unconventional adventure traveler. Just like any young Egyptian, Omar had finished his studies and started building a traditional career. After reaching heights of success, Omar still did not feel the satisfaction or sense of accomplishment he longed for.

Galla TravelsPart of him always wanted to explore the outdoors, and being always busy with his business; he always postponed the reoccurring idea of wanting to go on an adventure.

Galla TravelsA year ago, he traveled for a break and decided that he is no longer going to postpone his happiness. He quit his business knowing it no longer served him and to clear his mind, he took his bicycle roaming around; only to find that he highly enjoyed his bike rides.

Upon his return to Egypt, he decided that he would use the bike as his means of transportation; and this is where his true adventure all started.

Galla TravelsBit by bit he started to challenge himself, and stretch all his limits. He started by setting small goals like riding around Cairo’s ring road, up to travelling around the Nile delta, all within a budget as small as 50 pounds a day.

Today, Omar did travel on his longest trip yet a total of 6,500 KM by bike all around Egypt in 65 days! That is only the start of what he is set out to do.

Galla TravelsOn March 15, he has set for himself a bigger challenge. This time Omar will leave his bike back home and will fully depend on himself. He will now run across Egypt, From Abu Simbel to Alexandria to be exact.

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