As of recently, several Covid restrictions have been lifted across the globe. People are returning to traveling for leisure or pilgrimage. Since you can perform Umrah all year long – a lot of people are planning to perform it now after a whole year.

You might be apprehensive and rightfully so, it’s not easy to get back to things after an intense lockdown and grueling isolation period. To feel comfortable, be prepared ahead of time. And realize that things are not normal right now.

Therefore, you need to take care of some imperatives to perform Umrah in these not-so-normal times. So, before you get your hands on a cheap Umrah package in 2021 – give this article a read.

Covid 19

It has almost become like that annoying caution but it’s important to be aware of the time we are living in and Covid 19 is a reality that we need to comply with, especially during traveling. If you get sick while on Umrah – you will ruin the whole experience.

Therefore, when you travel – be sure to follow all the protocols that are put in place for you. as these are for your safety.


The kingdom of Saudia Arabia has announced that people who will travel for pilgrimage this year need to have their vaccine beforehand. Therefore, if you are planning to travel for Umrah – make sure that you have your vaccine booked or you may not be allowed to travel.



When you are performing Umrah, you are gavelling back and forth and it is a tiring experience. So, book your hotel closer to the Kabah. So when you have to buy a cheap Umrah package in 2021 – make sure that your hotel is closer to the Kaaba so you don’t get tired when you have to travel back and forth.

Good Travel Agent

As much as people refuse to believe it but your travel experience has a lot to do with your travel agent. Therefore it is important to book someone that you’re comfortable with. If you’re booking an agent for the first time then make sure to read reviews or ask people around for recommendations. Because you don’t want to ruin your spiritual journey because of an irresponsible agency. This is why traveling with a reputable service is important. And if you don’t find one, travel on your own. But do your research beforehand.

Pack Properly

Ah, we all hate packing but it is crucial for a successful trip. Saudia is usually really hot so it’s important to pack clothes that are suitable for the environment. Pack light but take enough stuff that can last you for a week so you won’t have to wash your clothes more often on your trip.

Moving on, get your hands on sunscreen. What? Yes! Sunscreen is not a luxury or a beauty product but rather a necessity. Your skin is an organ that you need to take care of. So don’t shy away from applying sunscreen while you perform Umrah.

On top of this – your shoes! Yes, you won’t believe how important a good pair of sandals or shoes are for your Umrah.

Sure, you can do it barefoot or with any pair of shoes. But, being comfortable during your pilgrimage will add to your experience.

Read Up

When you’re voyaging on a journey. You must be aware of what you will be doing. We all have been educated on our religion but reading and researching on your own are important too. So, before you impart on your journey – make sure that you are aware of the nitty-gritty of such journeys.

When you will be well-read, the experience of this journey will be many times better than performing Umrah for the sake of it.


These were all the things that you need to take care of before getting a cheap Umrah package in 2021. You can perform Umrah without taking care of these things, but it will be a more enjoyable and comfortable experience for you and your loved ones.

So pack properly, hire an experienced travel agent and read up on the experience before experience it.