2023 is the year to fulfil your dream of staying in a luxury hotel in a wonderful tourist destination, all thanks to the Black Friday offers that Barceló Hotel Group has. Check their website, discover the unbeatable discounts and book as soon as possible, so you don’t miss this great opportunity.

One of the most anticipated days of the year is approaching; Black Friday, which in 2023 will be next November 24, that is, the last Friday of the penultimate month of the year. There are only a few weeks left until that desired moment arrives, and companies of all kinds are already preparing to offer the best discounts on a variety of products and services.

Likewise, buyers are preparing to prioritise their requirements, have their savings available and take advantage of discounts to get everything they have wanted to have or fulfil the dream of taking a memorable trip, but that has not been possible due to lack of information or sufficient resources.

Black Friday offers cover countless sectors, and the hotel industry is no exception. An example of this is the attractive promotions and discounts that the Barceló Hotel Group web portal has already published and which you can review here https://www.barcelo.com/en-gb/offers/black-friday/. It is worth remembering that this Spanish corporation is one of the most important in the world in the tourism sector. The company has 177 4 and 5-star hotels in 29 countries in Europe, America, and Asia, with more than 30 thousand rooms.

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Discounts impossible to miss

Have you always wanted to visit dream destinations and stay in luxury hotels, but the bills didn’t add up? Well, 2023 is the year to fulfil that desire.

It can be assured that the most attractive Black Friday offers this year for having the biggest discount are at Barcelo.com. And the prices in their hotels and resorts in cities like Madrid, Barcelona in Spain, as well as in destinations like Dubai and many more, have up to 40% off plus an extra 15% with the code (Top Secret).

Enjoying the discounts is very easy, you just have to go to the Barcelo.com page and make the reservation, this way the discount will be automatically applied to the selected hotel. To obtain an extra discount, you must add the promotional code during the booking process.

All-inclusive hotels from many countries are included in the Black Friday sales, among which, in addition to Spain, we can mention: Portugal, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Czech Republic, Turkey, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Nicaragua, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Tunisia, Dominican Republic, Aruba, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Cuba, Oman, Guatemala and Aruba.

Among the destinations that are already emerging as the most popular ones this year are Cancun and the Riviera Maya in Mexico, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and the island of Aruba.

It is also important to mention that those who have already used the services of hotels of this corporation, the“ My Barceló clients”, have access to exclusive rates. My Barceló is the hotel chain’s loyalty program that expands the benefits that are already obtained with the Black Friday offers.

Advantages of enjoying hotels with the Barceló seal

There are many advantages of choosing to stay in hotels with the Barceló Group seal. One of the most important benefits is that you can be sure that when making your reservations, customers will have access to the lowest prices on the market, even more so if you take advantage of promotions such as Black Friday 2023.

Another advantage is that the more stays you have in their facilities, the more the discounts you are offered, which can reach 20% if the greatest number of visits are added.

The fact that it is a corporation dedicated to the tourism sector, founded in 1931, reflects the extensive experience and trajectory of the Barceló Group. In this sense, it is easy to deduce the experience and track record they have, which translates into a personal and unique treatment in their hotels.