Adham Zaazaa

MD. MB.B.Ch. M.Sc. FECSM, MRCS, Ph.D. Male Sexual & Reproductive Medicine & Microsurgery Surgery Assisted Reproduction, Cairo University. Graduated from Cairo University in 2001. He spent training periods at the universities of Oxford, England, and San Francisco, California. He holds a doctorate in Medicine and Surgery masculinity diseases, Cairo University. Consultant for infertility and sexual impotence and ICSI. Since 2003 and until now, Dr. Adham shook managed more than 20,000 cases and operated more than 3,500 surgeries to the reproductive system and more than a thousand microscopic injection process. He is on board the European Sexual Health of Amsterdam, the Netherlands since 2011 and Fellowship of Royal College of Surgeons in England. Also, a member of the World Association for Sexual Health and Reproduction European Society and Embryology and the American Medical Association and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reproductive system