The question that many specialists ask even when sleeping. There’s so much debate around the topic that it seems difficult to give an answer.

But we tried.

Backlinks are and will be important for website authority and ranking for years to come. Google’s AI is learning to recognize credible websites, but it’s still very difficult to do it without checking if other established domains refer to them.

There are many reasons for the importance of inbound links. They are one of the fundamental factors that build reputation, increase traffic, boost brand awareness and conversions, etc.

The topic is disputable. Many SEO specialists claim that this approach is dead since AI is too smart and powerful nowadays. There’s always someone that says that one strategy or another doesn’t work.

We believe it does, and there’s proof!


Websites with Authority Are Ranked Higher

The truth is, Google loves websites with authority. They trust others in their recommendations and choices of your web source, which becomes one of the factors determining your place on SERPs.

And how do you build authority?

Write content valuable for the industry and, guess it, get backlinks from blogs and websites with middle to high credibility. This correlation is proven and still effective in 2021.

Why does it work? It’s easy:

  • If other reliable sites mention your pages, you share important facts and valuable information;
  • This means you write compelling articles and provide materials that prove your point;
  • If you represent a business, this means that your customer service and products are great as well (depending on the context of those mentions, of course);
  • Therefore, you deserve to be number 1.

All Pages Get More Powerful if the Website Has Authority

More inbound links mean a higher ranking, we have established that.

This also means more organic traffic since hundreds of thousands of users will click on your link if you’re number 1 to 3 (of course, it’s better to be the first; you’re losing a lot of traffic with every next place).

So, when you publish a new post, it’s a given that more people will read it even without major promotion. You build a reputation and it works for you later on!

Better SEO, Including Links, Leads to Even More Links

If you trigger the process with high-quality inbound links and great SEO, the scale will increase automatically. More links will help you rank higher and improve the same optimization metrics. They will make you an undisputable champion for the focus keyword.

It was proven that websites that rank first have over 3 times more decent linked references than all other ‘participants’ of the SERP.

Imagine that every new publication will be met with even more activity from traffic and readers and appraisal from search engines. But first, you should get that initial foundation of reliable and relevant mentions from websites with authority.


Over Half of Pages on the Web Don’t Get Mentions

There are billions of pages online. And some of them always remain on the 10-100th page of Google results. Why is that?

Because half the websites don’t get linked mentions. There’s not even one mention of them anywhere. This should inspire you to turn to safe guest posting services right away and start crafting a campaign.

Only a little more than 30% of pages have linked mentions of them online, according to Ahrefs. And when it comes to SEO, you should believe these guys and their research. Be a part of the group that wants to promote and reach that first results page, at least.

If you are unsure where to start, you can use a trusted service provider for buying backlinks for SEO so you know you will boost your chances of success.


For a Higher Ranking, Your Site Needs Vote Diversity

Do you know what ‘votes’ mean in this case?

Sure, backlinks. Your web source requires diverse links, which means they are from different domains. So, asking one website to put your link on every second page won’t work in favor of your high rank. 

Let’s say that you can get the most benefit from one native ad on a domain. All other mentions will spike the traffic up a bit, but it may not be worth the effort. 

Surely, there are intricacies. SEO isn’t a direct and easy-to-understand niche. For example, if you can get several mentions from the Forbes website, go for it. Every link will pay off x10, at least.

But this rule doesn’t apply to every blog you find suitable for cooperation.

Wholesome Websites with Quality Backlinks Still Win the Race

Websites with high-quality diverse backlinks from middle and high-rank sources with great security and decent content will be ranked higher in the future as well. They will become more and more relevant thanks to smart algorithms.

Build links, improve SEO, work on cybersecurity. The latter is equally important for your performance, according to

You can rank #1 with relevant articles that offer value to every interested reader. Bloggers will help you build the profile with references to your infographics, statistics, and facts. Readers will share your articles on social media. And search engines will see your site as a reliable one, ranking you within the TOP-10.