Imagine you own a business, and a big order has just come across your desk. You need all hands on deck. There’s only one problem: you’ve run out of boxes. You’ve run out of flyers, you’ve run out of all the necessary packaging supplies to complete the order.

This happens more times than people realize. If you can relate, read on to discover the five essential packing supplies your business should always keep on hand.

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1) Copy Paper

Copy paper is by and large the most used product in offices and shipping businesses. You need it for receipts, memos, announcements, flyers, and logs for shipments.

Although a lot of businesses are going paperless, using copy paper is important to keep track of things coming in and going out, and keeping a physical copy in the event the computer system goes down.

2) Packing Tape

You can find many forms of tape in an office space. However, if the packaging is part of the business, you’ll need packing tape.

Packing tape uses stronger adhesives and doesn’t easily come apart like desk tape. It’s not easily torn, and can also be used to reinforce boxes.

Speed up the packaging process by investing in a handheld tape gun.

3) Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

You must determine what kind of boxes would be best to use for your products. Do you need a 3mm or 5mm thick box? What size do you need? Or do you need more custom packaging supplies?

To find the best type of boxes for your products, look for a quality package supplier. To investigate your options┬ádiscover more on packaging supplies. There’s a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs.

4) Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap isn’t always needed to send packages, but when you have something fragile to ship and you’re worried about it making it to its destination safely, bubble wrap is there to save the day.

Bubble wrap acts as a buffer for fragile and otherwise delicate items to protect them from the rigours of transportation. This is something you need to have to make sure your products arrive safely.

5) First Aid Kit

Accidents happen everywhere, even in an office. That’s why a first aid kit is an essential supply that you should always have on hand.

Even with an e-commerce business, first aid kits are important because anything can happen. You can accidentally cut yourself while packaging items or loading up boxes. Keeping a first aid kit handy can help to remedy minor cuts, bruises, and burns that happen in a shipping area or a packaging supply store.

Get Your Essential Packaging Supplies

When managing a packaging company, packaging supplies are your lifeline. Keeping a supply of all you need will help make your business a successful one and help you avoid downtime and unnecessary delays in fulfilling orders. Don’t get caught lacking, keep your business stocked for success.

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