Are you looking to clean your gutters, but aren’t quite sure how to get started? Cleaning your gutters is a very important home maintenance task.

Clean gutters help to protect your roof, prevent water damage, keep pests at bay, and reduce the risk of a cracked foundation.

But, how do you clean your gutters properly?

Check out this guide to discover the top gutter cleaning tips every homeowner needs to know.


1. Gather the Right Tools

To clean your gutters properly, you need to gather the right tools. You’ll need:

• Eye protection
• A hard-bristled broom and hand brush
• Green waste bags
• Cleaning solution
• Small hand trowel


You’ll also want to get a pressure washer with the correct attachments to remove stubborn debris and buildup.

2. Clean Your Roof First

Most debris that ends up in your gutters comes from your roof, so it’s a good idea to clean your roof first.

You can use a blower or a hard-bristled brush to remove any loose debris from your roof. If you have moss growing on your roof tiles, you can use a brush to loosen it up. This will prevent the moss from being washed into your gutters when it rains.

When cleaning the roof, you should also inspect your gutter for splits and cracks. If you find any, then you’ll want to get a hold of a rain gutter repair company to fix them.

3. Clean Debris from Your Gutter

Once you’ve cleaned your roof, it’s time to focus on the debris trapped in your gutter. Typically, you can clear out any moss, branches, leaves, or small plants by using a small hand trowel.

If there are any tough deposits, you can loosen them up with a cleaning solution. This will create a lubricating effect that will make it easier for debris to wash away once you begin pressure washing.

4. Pressure Wash and Clean the Downpipes

Once you have all of the loose debris cleared out, it’s time to start pressure washing.

We suggest using an angled spray lance, as this will make it easy to reach all parts of your gutter. Also, make sure you choose the right nozzle for your pressure washer, as some nozzles can be too powerful. If the nozzle is too powerful, you risk damaging your gutters and your roof.

The best nozzle is one that releases water in a fan spray pattern. This way, all of the surfaces can be cleaned at the same time. If your downpipes are blocked, make sure you also take the time to clear out any blockages.

5. Clear the Drains

When cleaning your gutters, don’t forget to clear the drains.

It can be a little tougher to spot blockage and debris in your drains, so start by clearing the drain cover and then removing the grill. You can then use a hand trowel to dig out any debris, leaves, and soil in the drain.

Then, pour a quality drain cleaner down the drain to loosen up any remaining debris. You can then feed your pressure washer into the drain to blast away any remaining blockage.

Gutter Cleaning Tips: Are You Ready to Clean Your Gutter?

Now that you’ve read these gutter cleaning tips, it’s time for you to clean your gutter. Pretty soon, your home will be reaping all of the benefits of having clean gutters.

For more home cleaning tips, be sure to check back in with our blog.