Advancement in the oil field has made it easy to drill almost any kind of hole to extract the oil or gas from the earth. Also, you can check the availability of fluid, its type, and many more properties with advanced well logging tools.

All You Need To Know About Well Logging Services

What is well logging?

Well logging is the ways to collect data of borehole which enables the determination of reservoir parameters and physical properties. Measurements are done by various logging tools depending upon the requirement.

Are you looking for effective well logging services for your business?

If yes, then here is the list of some well logging services that you can use to grow your business. Have a look!

Wireline Logging

When a string drops down in the wellbore with measuring tool, this is known as wirelinelogging. It helps in obtain continuous measurements of rock formations inside the well hole.

There are two types of measurements needed to complete the process of oil or gas well that is open hole logging and cased hole logging.

What is open hole logging?

The measurements of the diameter, depth, and width of the wellbore are known as open hole logging. It is done before the casing of the hole.

What is cased-hole well services?

After the drill of wellbore, the casing is done to protect the hole from impurities and other foreign particles. After casing you need to know about the properties of fluid, casing condition, flow of fluid in the well and many more fluid properties. This is where cased-hole logging services come in handy.

In both open hole and cased-hole, you need to inert the measuring tools inside the hole to know the accurate results that will help you maintain oil well and grow your business.

Pipe Conveyed Logging

Pipe-conveyed logging (PCL) enables real-time and high-quality data collection about the wellbore. The wells with high deviation and the horizontal hole where logging tools are unable to reach, PCL is useful.

This system uses a drill pipe to place the measuring tools to the required well depth.

Nuclear Logging

Nuclear logging helps in the detection of unstable isotopes present in the wellbore. They have the high penetrating capability that makes easy for them to detect through the casing and annular materials. Also, you can use for any well hole regardless of the type of fluid present in wellbore.

Gamma rays, gamma spectrometry, and many other kinds of neutron logs come under nuclear logging technique.  The detection of radiation in the wellbore is based on ionization produced in the medium through which rays passes. This is an effective way to know about the important chemical properties of fluid inside the oil or gas well.


As of now you know about the different techniques of well logging, use them in your business of oil or well and take it to other heights. This will not only help you dig an accurate wellbore but also keep you updated about the condition of your oil well.