Teaching English in China is one of the fastest-growing markets for TEFL and ESL teachers. China is one of the most popular countries globally, providing an extensive range of teaching job opportunities. Various teaching jobs, positions and vacancies attract teachers from different parts of the world to prestigious schools and universities in China. The teaching jobs in China provide foreign teachers with an opportunity to visit the different cities and apply for the various teaching roles and positions. Foreign teachers should have the right credentials, qualifications, skills and experience to increase their chances of landing a teaching job in china. Here are five tips to increase your chances of landing a teaching job in china.

Attain the right qualifications

One of the tips to increase your chances of landing a teaching job in China is ensuring that you have the right qualifications and certifications. You need to have and attain a certain set of requirements to teach in the various teaching institutions and schools in China. The main requirement for teaching English in China is to have a Z Visa. To obtain a Z Visa, you need to have:
▪ Recognized ESL Qualifications
▪ A bachelor’s degree in any subject
▪ Two years of teaching experience
▪ Other pertinent requirements
Having proper and valid qualifications will certainly help you to increase your chances of landing various teaching jobs in China.

Cultivate your teaching experience

Having previous teaching experience is vital since it will significantly help increase your chances of landing a teaching job in China. Teaching in schools, universities, or in any other capacity can greatly help to boost your job application. Attaining the teaching experience, for instance, tutoring children or students through a local agency, is an incredible place to start. Teaching athletic or artistic skills to students like creative writing, pottery, violin, or gymnastics can greatly help cultivate your teaching skills and experience.

Do rehearsals for ESL job interviews

Another way to increase your chance of landing teaching jobs in China is to ensure that you are regularly preparing and practicing for your job interview. Landing a job interview at the school or university that you are seeking an opportunity for is the first step towards being hired and working in the institution. You ought to remember that the interview process is the first step toward being hired, and you must be well prepared to ensure that you perform at your best during the interview. It’s highly recommended and encouraged to seek help from a friend who can ask you direct or follow-up questions about your ESL teaching skills, relevant work experience and why you are the best applicant or candidate for their school.

Attain a TEFL certificate

Earning a TEFL certificate is important to increase your chances of landing a teaching job abroad. Some teaching jobs do not require a TEFL certificate; however, having a certified TEFL certificate will grant you access to more opportunities. A TEFL certification program will teach you all the relevant skills and lessons you need to know about teaching in China and other countries. The program will teach you how to engage with learners, lesson planning and attain high performance. A TEFL certificate will give you a successful and rewarding teaching experience.

Strengthen your cover letter and ESL resume

Your cover letter and ESL resume are vital documents that introduce and communicate to the potential employer what they need to know about you to consider you for the job. They are documents that provide vital information about why you could be the best candidate for the teaching role. Therefore, it’s vital to ensure that the ESL resume and cover letter are free from spelling or grammar errors, outline relevant skills and experience, and highlight the benefits you will offer to the institution. Keeping your resume concise and clear will increase your chances of landing a teaching job interview at your dream school or institution.