NoFollow links indeed restrict Google from qualifying domain authority to the pages that are linked. But, there is more to it, as they contain some SEO value, it is actually good for SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Several studies show that, despite the NoFollow tag, Google offers benefits to the pages that are referred. It might not perform as a DoFollow link, by getting you the same link juice. But, there are several benefits of NoFollow links that are mentioned below.

Drives traffic to the website:

NoFollow attributes never cause any interruption that will stop your people from making the click. You may go and check at The Search Assembly for more information. It can bring potential traffic to your site, additionally. There are lots of websites available, that has huge numbers of the audience and can send some of the people to your path. By any chance, if the anchor text mentions or states the name of your brand, for the link, it will raise the bar of brand awareness for you. A popular website’s NoFollow link can lead you towards DoFollow links. If they check-out and find the relevancy in your content, they will make recommendations for it, to others by link-addition to their site.

Establishes brand awareness:

There is no doubt of the fact that the NoFollow links help at every aspect in creating brand awareness. These links drive traffic to the website, and when this traffic enters into the website, they start to learn and understand your business activities that include the services and products. The links actually help leads to get familiar and discover more about your company. The most crucial elements for expanding the business online, is brand familiarity, as it connects people at a much wider range. If someone gets in touch with your brand and gets familiar to it, it is more likely that they will select your business during conversion as they recognize and trust your brand.

NoFollow links create a way for FoFollow links:

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Many facts are unknown to people about NoFollow links. These links can ultimately lead you to DoFollow links, as it offers to act as a gateway to the DoFollow links. There may be cases like an industry authority may use a NoFollow link to your website. But, the best part is that it can still offer you by driving valuable and significant traffic to your website. The traffic consists of all the people who are actually interested to learn more about your business, and credible leads can be attracted. A blogger or a popular industry influencer may later link your site with a DoFollow link. In this way helps you to add more links to your profile, which ultimately helps you in building the authority of your site.

Leads to improvement in domain authority:

A website’s integral part is considered to domain authority. The website’s ranking is not directly affected by your scores. But, it provides you with valuable insights that show you how you are going to rank in the search results probably. You can completely outrank your nearest competitors if you are looking to get a domain authority that is good enough. You can enhance your domain authority, by making use of these NoFollow links, as they drive popular traffic for you to your website. In this way, the credibility and trust of your website will also increase, that will lead to a boost-up in domain authority.


NoFollow links not only helps you in SEO but also functions properly and benefits your business. Beside attracting traffic to your site and enhancing recognition of the brand, they will allow you in maintaining a distinct link profile for the business, by normalizing your profile. NoFollow links can boost your upgrade process, but the entire responsibility of handling it lies on you. If used correctly, they will surely help you in growing your business.