The modern era has compelled every academic establishment to digitize if it wishes to survive and continue offering great services to students and parents. This is why a large number of schools have already installed school administration software. However, several schools have yet to adopt it. Choosing the correct school management software aside from Engrade may be overwhelming, even more so if this is your first time using it.

To alleviate some of your concerns, we’ll address the ten most commonly asked issues, which include anything from how to pick the proper school management software to school management software cost.

Continue reading to find out how to receive answers to your most important queries about school ERP software.


FAQ No. 1 – What exactly is educational management software?

School management software is a collection of tools and services that assist various school stakeholders in reducing their workloads and increasing their efficiency.

Administrators, teachers, parents, and students are all included, as are the hostel warden, receptionist, as well as school bus driver.

The school management software contains a range of features for students and teachers, along with an online smart class, push notifications to teachers and parents via the school management mobile application, employee and student management, and fee management for the school administration.

All of these elements contribute to their increased efficiency and productivity across the institution. Additionally, it improves the quality of education for each student by allowing them to study at their own speed while gaining a deeper grasp of each subject.

FAQ No. 2 – Can school management software be used in playschools, boarding schools, or colleges/universities?

In terms of meeting the demands of a particular educational institution, any leading school management software can readily be scaled up or down, regardless of whether it is a playschool, normal school, boarding school, or college/university.

This indicates that, sure, the school administration software is suitable for all types and sizes of educational institutions. The caveat is that you must pick a school management system that is readily scaled up or down to meet your needs.

It has characteristics that may be implemented in a variety of educational institutions, so when it comes to selecting the software for your college, ensure that it includes all of the functions you will require in addition to the fundamental ones.

For example, a boarding school must have hostel management. The correct school administration software will enable you to incorporate such functions as an add-on to your current package.

FAQ No. 3 – Which school administration software is the best?

The school administration software that meets all of your standards and provides all of the essential features is the ideal school management software for you, however, it should be taken into account that there is no one-size-fits-all school ERP software, as the needs of each institution vary.

For instance, if your educational institution has a tiny student body, you may want a school management software that can handle the small student body while simultaneously marketing the institution in a way that draws further admissions to help the institution develop.

Thus, perusing the list of characteristics and comprehending how each feature might benefit your institution is critical. You may begin a free trial of school management software to familiarize yourself with all of its features before deciding to purchase it.

FAQ No. 4 – What is the estimated cost of utilizing a school management software?

School administration software is offered in a variety of packages, allowing individual institutions to select the one that best meets their needs and budget.

Pricing varies according to deployment, per-student plans, monthly plans, yearly play plans, and bespoke plans.

Schools and other educational institutions can review the details of each package and select the one that best meets their needs. Additionally, consumers may opt to add additional capabilities to their basic package as add-ons, requiring them to pay only for the add-on rather than purchasing full other packages.

A good school administration software might cost between 2.5 and 2000 INR per student each month. For the majority of bespoke packages, the institute must contact the school management software vendor to obtain customized pricing depending on the institute’s corporate requirements.

FAQ No. 5 – How do I select school administration software?

Selecting the appropriate school management software requires an awareness of the characteristics that a school management software must provide. Once you’ve established the essential functions that any decent school management software should include, you’ll need to determine which ones your school requires.

This information may be obtained through your staff, students, and parents. Collect their input and determine which characteristics your school needs. As such, review the features of the school management software options accessible to you, as well as their pricing structures, and shortlist the ones that best meet your requirements.

After that, you may begin a free trial of the nominated school management software and select the most user-friendly solution for all of your school’s stakeholders.

FAQ No. 6 – Why is school administration software required?

In an age when every industry has been digitized, it is ironic that the education sector, which shapes tomorrow’s professionals, has not embraced digital technologies to streamline and enrich educational offerings.

Students have become accustomed to utilizing technology to assist them in their academics. It is past time for schools and educators to follow suit. Only then can teachers add something fresh to the table rather than clinging to traditional methods of instruction.

Additionally, school administration software streamlines the work of school administrators, instructors, and students. It automates numerous of their responsibilities, freeing them up to focus on other vital activities.

With the appropriate school ERP software, schools may do more in less time, hence improving their productivity. This will eventually translate into increased income and advantages for the institution.

FAQ No. 7 – Is school administration software considered an application?

It should be noted that school administration software is an application that can be used through a computer or a mobile phone that is accessible to parents, teachers, and even school bus drivers or conductors.​

As a result, pick a school management software supplier that also provides smartphone applications, allowing these stakeholders to operate more efficiently with just their cellphones.

All of these applications are integrated with the school administration software, ensuring that no one outside of the school has access to your school’s data.