Back to School Must-Haves!


With each new school year, comes a need for new school supplies. Luckily, Zebra Pen products were designed with different styles and uses in mind, so whether you want to enhance your note-taking, redefine your writing style, or simply choose from fun colors and designs, Zebra Pen is stocked up with items to fulfill all of your back to school needs!

Don’t forget these must-have items during your back-to-school shopping and make sure you check out these Zebra Pen products before deciding how you want to write your way through this school year.

Elementary School Must-Haves:

Charter Schools

Kid-Friendly Pencils

This line of pencils was designed to keep the “fun” in functional! The Cadoozles Starters generation of mechanical pencils was created with kids in mind. With their smaller length and 2.0mm thick lead, these pencils are perfect for little hands. The triangular barrel promotes proper grip, plus they won’t roll off the table! Cadoozles also come in colored mechanical pencils, and different designs to spark creativity as well as classic styles that are durable enough to handle the pressures of beginning writers!


Use them as a reward system or to personalize folders, notebooks, and crafts. Stickers are an elementary favorite because kids love them and teachers swear by them!

Pencil Pouch

Keep pens, pencils, markers, crayons, and erasers organized in a pencil pouch. They come in all different colors and designs to fit any style. Match your pencil pouch to your backpack or lunchbox for an extra flair.

Sketch Book

For recess or free time, a sketchbook is a perfect way to let your imagination grow! Draw, color, and design to your liking, and bring your sketchbook home to keep designing.

Middle School Must-Haves:



Check out Zebra’s Zazzle Liquid Highlighter for highlighting main points and important words or phrases to return to while reading! Utilize its liquid ink technology that delivers smooth ink and vibrant color to easily make marks, underline, and highlight in an assortment of different colors!


Journaling can help keep the stresses of middle school to a minimum through a motivational journal, success journal, gratitude journal, or free-form journal! Keeping a journal can also lead to better writing skills and more confident writers.

The Style #2 Mechanical Pencil combines a traditional pencil look with mechanical pencil functionality. Choose from different colors and designs to show off your individuality or go classic with the Classic #2 Mechanical Pencil, perfect for test-taking!

Leisure Book

It can be hard for students to make time for leisure reading on top of homework and extracurriculars but keeping a leisure book handy makes it a bit easier. During free time, lunch, or recess, it is the perfect time to read for fun! Keep notes in the margins or in a notebook to better retain reading as well.

High School Must-Haves:


Everyday Writing Utensil

The perfect everyday writing utensil! Choose from Z-Grip Basics, Retractable, Fashion, and more to define the way that you will write! This brand was made for comfort, with its rubber grip and metal clip for added convenience. High school students, don’t miss out on the Z-Grip Plus Mechanical Pencil is ideal for everyday note-taking as well. With its shake advanced technology, it allows you to optimally advance your lead, minimizing the chance of breakage.


Get organized with a planner to write down assignments and reminders to help get you through the week.

Colored Ink Pen

For smear-proof ink, vibrant color, and high performance, Sarasa Gel Pens are ideal for writers, lefties, and students looking to get creative! These gel pens are also great for journaling and are available in a fineliner or retractable gel pen.


Keep your classes organized and assignments separated with a binder this school year! You might want to get dividers and loose leaf paper for your binder as well.