The concept of eLearning needs no introduction, especially in 2020 when it has been used to its full potential. In fact, it has gone ahead to become the most recommended way of delivering training to employees as they are working remotely in light of the social distancing norms.

The most popular way of creating appealing digital learning content is by using eLearning authoring tools. These tools can be cloud-based or desktop-based, but they make the eLearning course creation process quick and uncomplicated.

But how do you judge which authoring tools are the best in the business? Check their customer reviews to understand how comfortable their experience of using the tool was. For instance the Easygenerator reviews show how easy to use it is, even for someone who is not from an e-Learning background but wants to create an eLearning course.

You are sure to notice multiple great reviews that claim online courses built with the help of these authoring tools have completely transformed the learning industry. But that does not mean that there aren’t people with preconceived notions about online learning. These people haven’t yet leveraged the power of eLearning and thus have fallen prey to the myths.

In this blog, we are aiming to debunk some of the most common and widely believed eLearning myths:

Myth 1 : eLearning courses are devoid of interaction

An eLearning course has to be attended and completed by an individual alone at their own pace, but that does not mean it is a lonely process. The eLearning courses come armed with social learning elements to promote interaction with other learners. Some examples of this include virtual social learning activities, which are impactful and meaningful experiences for each student.


The courses include multiple collaborative features like instant messaging, discussion forums and webinars to allow learners to interact. It also allows a cohort of learners to exchange and discuss their ideas during live video sessions. It is also convenient to set up an instructor and learner interaction session. 

Myth 2 : eLearning is not as impactful as in-person training

This is perhaps the biggest misconception about eLearning. Since eLearning can be taken up at a time and place of your convenience, it actually is more impactful than the traditional learning sessions. It empowers learners by providing them high flexibility, so they can go ahead at their own pace.

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This means everyone can engage with the content at their own speed as opposed to an in-person training where everyone has to wait for slow learners to catch up or alternatively, slow learners fail to understand certain concepts because the training is too fast-paced for them. When learners have full control over their learning, the training becomes more engaging and impactful.

Myth 3 : eLearning is expensive

This couldn’t be any further from the reality. The eLearning courses are highly cost-effective as there is no need for learners to travel to the training location or to pay instructors to conduct the classes. An eLearning course can accommodate as many learners as possible, as compared to a classroom session which has a limited capacity. This makes eLearning an affordable option for both the learners and trainers.

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In traditional training sessions, trainers spend a lot of time arranging classrooms for training sessions and preparing course material to be distributed. On the contrary, the eLearning course has to be developed once and is delivered immediately once it is deployed. This saves time for all the parties involved.


Training courses are often labeled as boring. But eLearning courses come with various interactive multimedia elements and gamification features that ensure the whole experience is nothing short of enriching. This makes it necessary to leverage the power of digital learning for better transfer of knowledge. Have you come across any other myths related to eLearning? Let us know in the comments below.