Are you aiming for a good head start on a new career? Do you want to shift your current path or still starting out and need a clear way forward?

Choosing the right college degree can be the perfect starting point for you. A good college degree in the right field can provide stability for the rest of your life.

What degrees give you the best leg up on your career? We have a list of the five best degrees to get in 2020. See which ones appeal to your interests!

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The 5 Best Degrees to Get Going Forward

No matter your age, going to college can be daunting. Finding the right career path is only the first step. How you get these degrees is a big choice as well.

If you are busy working at your current job, online classes can be key. There are many places you can get a quick nonprofit graduate certificate online.

All of the degree programs below are common at any major university and many have online certificates as well.

1. Pharmacology

Medicine will remain one of the important pillars of our world. Pharmacology offers a clear cut attachment to this vital piece, with high salary rates and competitive job security.

Any Health Science can have a similar benefit, but Pharmacology has the benefit of seeing massive growth in its industry in the past few years.

2. Computer Science

Every industry now deals with Computer Science. From data storage to information security to communications, Computer Science can give you a wide range of potential industries and avenues to explore.

You can dip into specializations later on, such as software, hardware, or even Information Technology. Any business looking to compete in the modern world will need experts in Computer Science.

3. Business Administration

For an even wider variety in potential career choices, Business Administration is a great well-rounded course. It gives you insight and tools to operate in any business, sliding into management positions and advisor roles without issue.

It is also the best degree to branch off from. The basic skills work as a foundation for almost any other degree, giving you an ability to better aim your skills for financial success.

4. Engineering

For high profits and a hands-on degree program, Engineering has a lot of options. You will need to dip into a specialization, such as Structural Engineering or Electrical Engineering.

Engineering jobs often hit on six figures for their pay and an experienced engineer will have above-average job security.

5. Education

While Education is not as high in average income as Engineering or Computer Science, there is a massive teacher shortage across the country and the world. The intense demand and shifting landscape of Education makes new educators priceless.

It is also a career that provides even more rewards than simple income. As an educator, you are shaping the future of all other industries. You help people find their future in the same way you are shaping yours now!

Improving Yourself for a Better Future

The best degrees to get in 2020 all utilize the big waves of technology and information that dominate our daily lives. Mastering any of these careers will give you a prime position in the coming years.

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