If you’re a skincare enthusiast then we’re sure you know about face scrubs and their benefits. From exfoliation to dead skin cells removal, to providing healthy skin that speaks nothing less than natural beauty, face scrubs have more than one skincare benefit that makes us hold on to it as an essential. Before we actually start on how to use them the right way and what are the red flags to avoid while using them, let’s give you a brief overview of what a face scrub is, and what are the benefits of using one.

What Are Face Scrubs?

The ultimate solution to clogged pores and dull skin, face scrubs are a boon to take your skincare routine up a notch. It brightens the skin better than a cleanser, evens skin tone like a toner, and exfoliates the skin in the easiest ways possible. Its multifunctional usage makes it a must-have in every vanity. With natural preferences being on the rise, we recommend you try Mamaearth’s range of scrubs – meant to solve all kinds of problems, 100% natural, and for all skin types. For instance, if you wish to remove tan, Mamaearth Ubtan Face Scrub For Tan Removal would be ideal for you, but if you are looking to deeply exfoliate your skin along with nourishment, Mamaearth CoCo Face Scrub is your skin’s BFF!

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Now that you know what face scrubs are, it is also important to understand that using them the right way is mandatory to maintain your overall skin health. While most of us think we know it all, the chances are that we still might be doing it wrong. Let’s take you through the Do’s and Don’ts of using face scrubs that help you understand the whole process in a better way.

Do’s Of Using Face Scrubs

a. Clean Face Is A Must!

We know how sometimes you might be just too tired to follow the exact steps that give you the desired results, but trust us, it is definitely worth the wait. While most of us use a face scrub as a cleanser, we often use it on our face that has just been through all the dirt, pollution, and the harsh external environment. We recommend you use a face scrub after you have carefully washed your face with a mild cleanser that suits your skin. It is because even though the cleanser washes off the dirt from your face, some remnants still remain. These are removed easily when you use a face scrub on a clean face.

b. Mask Up, Glow Up!

We often pat dry our face after scrubbing, thinking our job is done. But what we miss out, is that when we clean our face, along with the dirt, most of the essential oils also get washed away from our skin. If not paid heed to, your skin might soon start to feel dry and flaky, and somehow moisturization would lack giving the desired results too. This is where you need to pay attention. While cleansing and scrubbing are equally important to clean your skin, applying a face mask after, is important to restore what your skin loses during the process.

c. Choose Right For A Strong Fight!

Bewildered by the number of products available in the market, we often confuse our attraction to our needs. Be it the packaging, the cheap prices, or even the skincare they promise, you must always know what your skin needs. Choosing face scrubs is a task, but not that tough if you know what you are wanting to achieve through them. As per your skin type, the needs you want to address, and the results you desire to have.

d. Hydrate To Liberate!

Nothing works best on makeup or any other skincare experiments than supple and hydrated skin. Keeping your skin hydrated naturally, and with a moisturizer is always a necessity. It maintains the skin barrier, keeping it replenished, and helping in the restoration process in every skincare routine. Face scrubs may do a lot of things to our skin, but we need to remember what it misses out on and act accordingly.

e. Gentle Massages Work Wonders!

While we all have such busy schedules to adhere to, we often seek faster results and end up working in a haste, which ain’t no good. While using face scrubs, it is important that we know the importance of gentle massages. A face scrub has a beady texture, which if used harshly over the face, may end up doing more damage than good to it. Gentle massages help in improving blood circulation, thus giving you the desired glow in no time!

Now that we know what to do when using a face scrub, here are some big no no’s that need to be paid heed to:

Don’ts Of Using Face Scrubs

a. Daily? Never!

Ever heard the saying, “Excess of anything is bad”? The same goes for face scrubs. They just cannot be used on a daily basis or they might end up drying out your skin more than needed. When your skin dries up excessively, it might lead to uneven production of sebum, leading to acne breakouts.

b. Too Much Sun Is Forbidden!

If you are using face scrubs in your skincare routine, it is important to know that going out in the sun for a prolonged period of time is forbidden. When you use a face scrub, your skin turns sensitive to its surroundings. Going in the sunlight not just makes you tan, but also brings on the environmental aggressors to act on your skin, resulting in further damage.

c. Steam Ain’t Good!

Before applying face scrubs, make sure you do not steam your face. When you’re using steam on your face, it opens the facial pores, making the skin vulnerable and sensitive. It is always advised to use steam after you are done scrubbing your face to avoid difficulties in your skincare routine.

d. Scrub The Wounds? Never!

By any chance, if your face has scratches, irritation, or even rashes that hurt a lot, avoid scrubbing your face. Using a scrub on a wounded face would only make you increase your own chances of having an infection, which would only make the healing longer, tiring, and a tedious process later.

e. Acne Woes? No Scrubs!

If your skin is prone to acne or if you have occasional breakouts, we would strongly recommend you avoid scrubbing your face. Applying a scrub on acne might only increase the chances of increased inflammation and irritation, excessively drying out your skin, and thus harming your skin in the process.

Face scrubs are meant to fulfil more than one skincare purpose, which is why they come in handy to all who know their importance. You can explore Mamaearth’s official website and explore the entire range of face scrubs to find the one best suited for your needs.