How to Benefit from an ACT/SAT Practice Test Session

How to Benefit from an ACT/SAT Practice Test Session

Taking a practice test of the ACT or SAT exams can give you true insights into how the exam goes in real-time. Studying is very important but along with it, using your time judiciously is also necessary. If you are leaving portions from your work to review later then this can get you in trouble. Here are some ways that will help you make the most out of the practice test sessions.

Don’t glimpse into the paper before time

You can be tempted to look through the practice test questions beforehand but that is absolutely disadvantageous. You would want to take the test without having any prior idea about the questions. If you see the questions, your mind will start generating answers and save you time which will not happen during the real deal.

Take special power classes

Many educational websites conduct special power classes for ACT and SAT which aim at specific sections of the test at a time. These power classes present some valuable strategies which can prove to be very beneficial for the students who want to raise their scores. They discuss the most difficult areas of the paper and also present the best approach to deal with them.

Set the same time limits

Each section in the SAT or ACT has a specific time limit. During your practice session, you should keep the same time limits and follow them exactly. Even if you finish a section early don’t go forward and attempt the next one. Review your answers and solve the difficult ones again to be sure of the solutions.

Setting the same timers will help you get a real feel for the actual exam. You will get a working idea of how much time to spend on each type of question. Remember to include the breaks as well. These breaks will help you stay stable and give your mind some rest.

Stay fully focused while giving the practice test

Take the practice test with complete concentration and focus with which you would also take the real test. If your family members regularly chat with you even when you are studying or if you can’t concentrate because of continuous texts and calls from your friends, it is time you deliberately take action.

Test Exam

Try explaining to your family that you are taking the practice test for SAT and need to be left alone. Ask them to provide a peaceful environment. Turn off your cell phone, laptop and other gadgets that may distract you during the exam. Keep your mind on the test. You might be tempted to check for texts or go online for a while on social media, so as a safety means keep all your electronic gadgets at bay.

Go for an official practice test

Sitting for an official practice test will give you actual experience and exposure to taking the real SAT or ACT. There will be teachers to make sure you take the exam properly. The time limits for each section and the breaks in between will show you the real setting. Taking the official practice test has another benefit. For example, in the PSAT, the highest scores are awarded scholarships.

Take note of your mistakes

Taking a practice test before the ACT or SAT will make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses. You will get to know which are the portions that need improvement. You will become familiar with the pattern of the questions and marks weightage for different topics. Your mistakes will help you prepare better for the exam.

Wrapping up!

Taking a practice test is very important whether you appear for it at home or you consider it officially. The sole purpose for these practice tests for any of the entrance exams like SAT, ACT, SCAT, CogAT or any other is to guarantee your improvement and help you to qualify.  Remember that you can give the practice test more than once. This is a very crucial time when you should put everything else aside in your life and keep your mind focused on the exam. These few months of struggle can give you lifelong benefits.