Over the years, it has been observed that construction workers working at a height have suffered great injuries, starting from scratches and cuts from falling to fractured hands and legs. It has been reported that over five thousand workers have suffered injuries due to falling from a height at the time of construction. As most of the buildings in Australia are high-rise foundations and skyscrapers it is not possible to avoid working from the height for labors working in construction sites.

When working at heights there’s safety equipment like a safety harness equipment to protect workers, however, you still need to work on training yourself about the safety procedures around working at heights and what needs to be done to ensure your safety. This can be easily done by enrolling yourself for working at heights course in your city. It is a very short course which will either last for a day or a week. This course can be done both online and by visiting the training institute.

Construction worker on scaffolding in construction site

Doesn’t it sound interesting?

Yes, it does!

But, before you start jumping in excitement, we would like to talk about a few pointers regarding the working at height job and the need to take the training course. This will prevent you from repenting later and, you will concentrate on the training properly.

What Is A Working At Height Training Course?

To answer your first question, the working at heights course will teach you all the safety measures and standards that one need to follow while working from the top floors. These courses are specifically designed for construction workers who are unaware of the height rules and regulations, and hence, end up making mistakes.

Generally, the course program lasts for a week at the max. You will be able to complete it online or from the training institute. Following are the general course points which you will find common in all the working at heights course pieces of training:

  • Learning about the construction regulations and legislations, including the Australian standards set by the government itself.
  • Learning about the ways to assess the risk and eliminate the hazards under possible scenarios.
  • Getting to know more about the fall arrest systems, the ways to use the energy-absorbing lanyards, and the correct use of the manual and automated ladder systems.
  • Learning more about the position of work from the height and how to use the related tools without losing your focus and balance.
  • Getting taught about the anchors, the anchor points, and how to save yourself by using the anchorages.
  • Learning about the installation of zip lines, lanyards, and fall restraint systems.

Preparing industrial Climber

Is It Necessary To Undergo This Training?

Often people wonder whether learning about the working at heights course is necessary or not. Since you are not aware of the benefits of this course, we have explained here the advantages in brief to clear your confusion.

  • With the course lessons, you will be able to understand the hazards of working from heights. Along with this, you will be able to identify the risks even before getting on the ladder and climbing up. This will buy you more time to remove the risks and save yourself from any unfortunate slip offs.
  • Accidents are unavoidable and hence with the working at heights course, you will be able to easily save yourself in case you have lost your balance. You can either restrain your fall at the beginning only or arrest yourself within the zip lines, thereby you will get to prevent your fall.
  • You will learn how to use anchors. These tools are specifically used on roofs and allow the construction works to fix lanyards, ropes, and zip lines for extra support.
  • Lastly, you will not have to ask someone else about the correctness of the ladder position since ladder safety instructions are also taught in this course.


Since its introduction, many construction workers have been taking up the working at heights course to ensure that they can safeguard themselves at the time of working from the heights. So, do not wait anymore and immediately start looking for the best training institute if you are working in the same field and you work at height.