Data is undeniably every modern business’ lifeblood. And now, more than ever, more data are being generated. Then again, these mountains of data won’t be of use unless your business can make total sense of them. This situation is where the Power BI software can add value.

You might be planning to run a platform that can help you gather actionable and valuable business insights. Power BI can help you achieve your purpose. Even though you have to invest in the power bi training of your personnel, it’s worth the money. The training will make sure that you and your business are fully abreast of the latest updates in the technology.

Getting to know Microsoft’s Power BI

Power BI is an umbrella term to refer to the various cloud-based services and applications that help users gather, manage, and make sense of data from different sources. Power BI also provides a user-friendly interface to analyze and interpret these collated data.

The Power BI gathers all these data together, process, and transform them into intelligible insights in the form of compelling graphs and charts. Through these comprehensible insights, users can have more lucid and useful snapshots of their business processes.

Power BI also links to various data sources like databases, Excel spreadsheets, and on-premise and cloud-based applications.

Power BI can also refer to its different forms like the following:

● Power BI Desktop: Windows PC application

● Power BI Service: Online Software as a Service (SaaS)

● Power BI Applications: Mobile apps available for Windows, Android and iOS devices

This system is built on Microsoft Excel’s foundation. As such, Excel users’ learning curve as they transition to Power BI is not that steep. Any user who is well-versed in Microsoft Excel can learn Power BI without a hitch.


What can Power BI do?

Power BI can run reports and generate surface insights using the company’s data. This system can also link to a more significant data set range, and collate such info to be presented coherently and understandably. The generated visuals and reports can also be shared with different users.

Microsoft’s Power BI also allows the user to understand what happened in the past. This history makes sense of what’s happening in the present and spot trends that can help predict the business’ future. This system makes use of machine learning capacities, which means that it can spot data patterns and run future scenarios.

Personnel who underwent Power BI Training can quickly help decision-makers understand these trends and plan for the future. Also, the estimates you get from the Power BI system can help you generate reasonable forecasts and promote your business, and your people prepare for the demands of the future.

Why do businesses invest in Power BI?

Going back to the concept of data being the lifeblood of businesses, you can say that if you transform these pieces of digital information into a valuable form, your business will thrive.

For decision-makers who want better analytical muscle and reporting power, Power BI is the best choice. With this software, you can assemble, dissect, and see data from different departments, giving you better insights into the company’s overall performance. With such information, you can make more informed business decisions that are based on facts and real-time data.