A Buyer’s Guide to Getting a Laser Engraving Machine

Planning to purchase laser engraving machines? In that case, you need to learn what you should consider before purchasing one. You’ll find a large variety of these machines on the market. Each model comes with unique settings, features, prices, and specifications. Even so, it’s important that you choose one based on your preferences and the results you want. Read on to learn how to purchase a laser engraving machine.

What to Look Out for the Most when Getting a Laser Engraving Machine?

Laser Engraving Machine

Consider Your Preferred Material

If you want to engrave on a particular material, then you need to look for the best option that works well for specifically that material. Or you can simply choose a machine like Nova 24 that is ideal for every type of material.

Think About Engraving Speed and Cutting Speed

Once you begin operations, you won’t have all day to engrave and cut your design. Therefore, make sure to purchase a machine with 1000mm/s engraving speed and 300mm/s cutting speed. These speeds help you get your design in no time.

Look for the Working Size of the Machine

If you want a laser engraving machine to engrave bigger materials, then you’ll need a machine that can easily accommodate bigger materials. In that case, purchase machines with bigger working sizes like 1600 X 1000mm.

What to Avoid When Getting a Laser Engraving Machine?

Avoid Brands with Poor Reviews

It’s a major risk to deal with brands that have poor reviews or no reviews at all. So, avoid purchasing from brands that failed to make a favorable impression among clients. Looks for brands that have video content to back up their brand, or better still reviews on YouTube.

Don’t Purchase Cheap Engravers

Many people just purchase cheap engravers, compromising on quality to get the cost they want. Try not to make a decision based on the price and look for quality instead. Our Thunder Laser machines are the best of the best in China, so you are getting European grade quality at Chinese price.


Take Your Time to Make a Decision

A laser engraving machine requires great money. So, you can’t spend your money on a decision you make in a hurry. Try to take your time before making a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still looking for more info? We’ve compiled a list of FAQs – check them out!

How to Know You Are Purchasing the Right Engraving Machine?

The simplest way to ensure the quality of the engraving machines is to check brand reviews on the internet. Also, you can ask around and try to understand what other businesses are using for engraving materials. This gives you an idea of which brands are popular in the market. Highly recommend seeing a live demonstration as well & finding out what type of backup service the company provides, the after-sales service is key.

What Advance Features do You Need to Look at in a Laser Machine?

If you want high-performance and quality design, you need to look for multi-functional table design, smart board system features & overall machine build. Besides that, look for machines that are faster while maintaining quality, as slow machines can impact your business greatly.

Don’t wait and purchase a laser engraving machine today!