Hydrogen-powered cars are poised to make a significant leap in consumer popularity because they’re efficient, cost-effective, and even environmentally friendly, but the lack of hydrogen filling stations has been hindering their growth so far.

That’s where PDC Machines come in. The company specializes in innovative hydrogen fueling station equipment that can be installed at gas stations, airports, and even multi-unit apartment buildings to turn them into hydrogen fueling stations overnight!

What Are PDC Machines?

PDC machines are used in a variety of industrial applications that use hydrogen gas as a fuel source. PDC machines come in various sizes, allowing them to be used for small-scale fueling needs, such as refueling forklifts at a distribution center, or larger-scale applications such as industrial power generators.

The PDC machine uses electrolysis to convert water into its parts: oxygen and hydrogen.

The hydrogen is then stored until it is needed. When it’s time to fill up a vehicle with hydrogen, an external compressor draws out the needed amount of gas from storage tanks on site.

This process is referred to as refueling and can take anywhere from 5 minutes to several hours depending on how much fuel is being transferred. After refueling has taken place, leftover gasses are returned to storage tanks until they are needed again. Refueling times depend on several factors including tank size, outside temperature, and tank pressure.

Why Choose PDC Machines?

PDC Machines produces high-quality hydrogen fueling stations that are cost-effective and easy to use. We have a wide range of customers, including individuals who use our machines for home fuel purposes, as well as companies that implement our machinery in their buildings or parks.

What companies build hydrogen Fueling stations

Many companies specialize in building hydrogen fueling stations for vehicles, but some are better than others. With PDC machines, you know you can trust these specialists. They’ve been producing clean, safe, and affordable machines since 1977.

And they’re proud to offer a guarantee on all of their products: a five-year warranty on all functioning parts and components. If you want to learn more about what makes PDC machines so great, contact them today!

hydrogen Fueling stations

Hydrogen Fueling Station Company PDC Machines is a specific type of fueling station that includes hydrogen delivery to vehicles. The machine itself is built in one area and then transferred to another location when needed. They’re lightweight, easy to transport, and ready to be set up at any location where they’re needed—often within 24 hours of receiving your order!

Their portability makes them perfect for temporary locations like trade shows or events. And their small size makes it possible to set up multiple stations on-site if necessary.

When compared with other companies who offer portable hydrogen fuel systems, PDC has been around longer than most; since 1977! That means they have more experience than other companies and can better anticipate how customers will use their products. If you want a company that cares about its products as much as its customers, choose PDC machines today!


Fuel up for a greener tomorrow with PDC Machines and their hydrogen fueling station technology. If you’re ready to learn more about how PDC machines can help your business increase profit margins and reduce emissions, check their official website today.