The digital platform has registered tremendous growth in recent years. People across the world use various gadgets and devices to access the internet such as tablet computers, digital cameras, smartphones etc. Consequently, software developers have an increasing demand for creating an application program. This has changed peoples’ lifestyle and the way of doing business.

These changing trends are also influencing the approach to marketing because they have to adjust their functions to suit new trends. Digital marketing agencies now have to focus on advertising, campaigns, and marketing on the digital platform.

The primary role of any digital marketing agency is to promote, market, advertise a product, service. Digital marketing creates awareness of a particular brand to a specific clientele. Digital marketing agencies use various channels to reach their marketing objectives.

Digital Marketing Trends

Types of Digital Marketing Agency

There are different types of marketing agencies. The difference is the nature of marketing campaigns they drive for specific brands, products, and services.

1. Advertising Agency

This is a very creative workforce. Their role is to create an advertising strategy and run it into a successful product campaign. The campaign can be through print media such as magazines, hoardings, and newspaper and billboards hoisted in strategic locations. Television and radio advertisements fall in this category. An advertising agency is excellent in reaching a wide client.

2. Branding Agency

These are vital partners in the initial stages of creating a brand. When one begins a firm, they need a company name, a logo, visual identity, among other things. An excellent partner of a startup business is a branding agency. They conduct a relevant market search for your business to understand the market demand. Once they get the hang of it, they then strategize the business name, logo, and brand identity, logo and all that will help keep the brand alive. They work hand in hand with the advertising workforce.

Effective Ways To Boost Marketing Of Your Digital Products

Branding agencies reach a broad audience by holding promotional campaigns and events where they invite the public to attend.

3. Graphics and Design Agency

Like the name suggests, these are professionals that translate content into visual images. Visual art is the core function of this type of agency. Apart from designing the company logo, this agency also works on artistic packaging and advertising of a product.

Graphic and design agencies develop effective visual solutions for various products. To create visual communication, they use elements such as animation, color, shape, texture, photography, and illustrations.

4. Digital Marketing Firms

These are professionals involved in all matters regarding online marketing. They are also referred to as virtual marketers. They work on a company’s website to customize it to attract a specific clientele.

They work in collaboration with other marketers to ensure that online activities complement offline marketing efforts. They are charged with the responsibility of maintaining social media presence across all digital platforms. They also plan digital marketing campaigns such as e-mail, web, display and social media marketing.

5. Market Research Agency


Marketing research firm works on behalf of the client to conduct market trends. The market comprises information about the consumers, competitors, product, or the industry at large.

Focus on Digital Marketing

All businesses can tap on the great potential of digital marketing platforms. It is global and has various aspects, including:

● Social Media Marketing

There are millions upon millions of potential users all over the world who ride on the various social media platforms who connect, share, chat, and interact with friends and family members. Most of these platforms are free, and businesses can use them as marketing space for their brands.


Business brands can post targeted, affordable advertisements on social media. The customers within the targeted demographics invite their followers to check out particular products. Within a short duration, thousands of clients will have seen your ad on social media.

● Influencer Marketing

You can also reach a target audience with influencer marketing. A business brand can partner with sites, celebrity personalities and other entities considered as experts in their field that identify with their values. A business brand can approach such entities with branded offers and content.

For instance, a sport-oriented brand can approach a famous sports personality who has an enormous social media followership to be their brand ambassador. lets you deliver digital media to athletes to increase brand reach, and with fans to generate excitement.

● E-mail Marketing

Email marketing helps firms to remain connected with their clients and prospects. An organization sends customized periodic newsletters depending on the client’s brand engagements and past shopping history. Transactional emails stand good chances of being opened by subscribers.


In case a client has interacted with some of your branded touch points-such as e-mail offer for 20% off the products they have been window shopping or free-shipping can be what brings the ultimate conversion.

● Content Marketing

This is an effective platform that allows marketers to respond to users’ queries. The marketing workforce creates videos, content and other assets that create awareness to the target customers. Generally, clients purchase a product or procure a service in three stages, namely;
o Awareness stage-where the client appreciates that they need the product
o Consideration stage-where the client considers their course of action to help meet the need
o Decision stage- where the buyer decides to buy a product or procure services

● Search Engine Optimization

When a customer becomes aware of their need for a product, they click on their smartphone or tablet to find more results on the best product available in the market. They will probably tap further on the first few results that respond to their enquiries on Google.

SEO 2020

An effective business brand is the one that has optimized its results to appear at the top page on Google. An effective digital marketing agency optimizes content for online users experience and also ensures all technical elements are geared to ensure search engines algorithms quickly locate and index their content.

● Pay per click

This is a paid advertising platform that allows organizations to attract paid traffic to their website. Marketers pay a particular attention to the search engine or website every time a user clicks on the ads.

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