Should I hire a family law attorney?

If this is the question that’s ringing through your mind, there’s a good chance you’re in some kind of family issue. Perhaps your spouse has told you they want a divorce. Or perhaps you’re writing a will and want to get some legal advice on guardianship. Or maybe you want to adopt a child.

Regardless of the issue you’re facing, hiring a family lawyer isn’t always the first cause of action. You can work through some issues on your own or even with the help of a close friend or relative. Some issues, though, do need the input of a family lawyers Townsville.

How Divorce Lawyers Help You Through The Divorce Process?

Continue reading for clear signs you need to hire an attorney.

1. A Divorce Is Looming

A divorce can be emotionally devastating, especially when you’re caught unawares.

If a divorce is imminent, don’t hesitate to hire a family attorney. You might be tempted to forego hiring one when the divorce is amicable and both of you just want to get through it without any fuss, but don’t make this mistake.

Usually, there’s a lot more to divorce than meets the eye. A family law attorney will help you see the clearer picture and ensure your rights and interests are protected throughout the divorce.

2. You Need to Create a Prenuptial Agreement

If you’re not familiar with the range of work for family attorneys, you’d be forgiven for thinking they only deal with divorces.

Yet, you don’t only need this attorney when your marriage is ending. You could also need one when your marriage is about to start, especially if you need to create a prenuptial agreement.

If you’re on the verge of getting married and you want to protect your assets and financial interests in the event of a divorce, you need a prenup. A family attorney will advise you accordingly and help you draft the agreement.

3. You’re Adopting a Child

Every year in the United States, about 135,000 children are adopted.

If you’re also looking to adopt a child, thumbs up for taking on a great responsibility. However, the adoption process has a number of steps and can take a few months to complete. You must also select the right type of adoption and ensure you’re doing everything in accordance with relevant federal and state laws.

Inevitably, you’ll need a family law attorney to handle the process and ensure its success.

4. You Want to Create an Estate Plan

You need an estate planning lawyer when you want to create an estate plan, right?

That’s correct, but there are instances where you might need a family attorney as well. For instance, if you’ve got young children, you might be looking into choosing a legal guardian for them in case you pass on before they become adults, a family attorney will help you understand the implications of legal guardianship.

Know When You Need to Hire a Family Law Attorney

It’s not every day that you’ll need to hire a family law attorney. However, there are instances where it’s absolutely necessary to hire one. With this guide, you now know some of those instances.

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