One second, you’re out on foot minding your own business, and the next, you’re in an ambulance being rushed to the emergency room. Pedestrian accidents can happen in the blink of an eye and come without warning. The human body is no match when it collides with a moving passenger vehicle and can cause devastating injuries. You’ll need to hire a lawyer to obtain justice and compensation. But what kind of questions do you ask before choosing one?

If a careless driver has hurt you, before you speak to the at-fault driver’s insurance company, talk to a Trantolo personal injury lawyer. During a free consultation, they can help to determine what your best course of action should be.

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5 Questions to Ask Your Lawyer After Suffering an Injury in a Pedestrian Accident

A pedestrian accident can put victims in the hospital quicker than a New York minute. While some may result in just some minor bruising, others of a more severe nature can easily cause catastrophic, life-altering injuries.

While victims are recovering from the accident, many are unable to earn an income. They’ll need to hire a lawyer to ensure that all of their damages are compensated. However, how do they know they’re working with the best one?

Five questions should be asked before working with a lawyer to handle a pedestrian accident case. Not all lawyers and law firms are created equal. To ensure you’ve chosen the right one, ask these simple questions first.

Do You Have Experience With Pedestrian Accident Cases?

Just like all doctors don’t have the same background and training, the same is true regarding lawyers. Ask them to provide proof of successful similar pedestrian accident claims. These cases can sometimes have hurdles to leap, and you’ll want to work with an attorney who knows exactly what to expect and how to handle any obstacles.

How Much Do Your Services Cost?

This is an incredibly valid question. While most personal injury attorneys are only paid if your case results in a settlement, some don’t.

Ask them for a clear breakdown of the costs, how much of a percentage they’ll take after receiving a successful settlement, and if any other fees are involved. You only want to work with a lawyer who works for a contingency fee.

Do You See Any Difficulties With My Case?

Any attorney worth his salt knows that all cases will have obstacles to overcome. If they tell you they don’t see any issues and it should be a cut-and-dry case, this is a red flag.

Even if you have all the evidence you’ll need to prove negligence, liability, injury, and damages, the defendant’s legal team and the insurance company will surely want to dispute one.

How Much Is My Pedestrian Accident Case Worth?

While it could prove impossible to come up with an exact amount, a good personal injury lawyer will have a good idea of what all of your damages are worth. This will go beyond the basic medical bills and lost wages and should include damages like pain and suffering, PTSD, the cost of expected future medical treatments, and others, depending on the exact nature of your injuries.

If I Lose My Case, Am I Responsible for Any Case-Related Fees?

Working with a completely transparent attorney will uncover any fees you could be liable for if you lose your case. There are always fees when filing a personal injury lawsuit. Possible additional fees could include medical bill retrieval fees and court fees.

Some lawyers charge for these services, while others don’t. To avoid being blindsided with expenses if you lose your case, ask how these fees would be handled if you don’t receive a settlement.

Personal Injury, Pedestrian Accidents, and Your Lawyer: What You Should Ask

The victims of a pedestrian accident have the legal right to seek compensation. However, to ensure they receive every penny they’re entitled to, they’ll want a lawyer to represent them. Not just any old lawyer will do, and some effort should be put forth to find the right one.

Consider hiring a lawyer like you would when hiring an employee or a contractor to work on your home. Asking them some basic questions before locking them into being your lawyer is the best way to ensure you retain the right one.