When you’re terminated from a job, you’re devastated and confused. It’s one of the most stressful situations you endure.

What makes the situation worse is knowing you were let go for unfair reasons. In instances like this, it’s time to contact a lawyer because you were likely wrongfully terminated.

In a nutshell, wrongful termination is when an employer lays off, fires, or terminates an employee for an illegal reason. Wrongful termination cases are complex. You often need a lot of evidence to even have your case tried as a wrongful termination case.

While there are several reasons that will qualify for wrongful termination, below are some common examples of wrongful termination and how to determine if you’re a victim.

Examples of Wrongful Termination

If you read through these examples of wrongful termination, and your situation closely related to them, then you were likely wrongfully terminated.


1. You Were Fired Out of Retaliation

Being fired out of retaliation can mean a few things. One, it could mean that you were terminated for asking for a raise or promotion. Or it could me that you cannot be terminated for suggesting discrimination was the cause of denial. Fired out of retaliation also means that you were let go because you filed a harassment or discrimination complaint.

2. You Were Let Go Because of Your Sexual Identity

If you recently came out to your employer, and were fired shortly after, you may have a case for wrongful termination. This is also the case if you came out to colleagues and experienced homophobic behaviors that led to termination for something random or insignificant. Discrimination of any kind, especially homophobia, is illegal.

3. You Were Terminated Because of Age or Gender

Women often experience wrongful termination in a male-dominated industry. While there are many instances, a common situation is a woman asking for a promotion and getting denied as unfit for the position. While this is hard to prove, it is possible.

Age is also a common reason for wrong termination. If you were considered too old or too young for a job or certain position, then this is illegal behavior of your employer. If you are fired because someone older has more experience, this is considered wrongful termination.

4. You Were Fired Based on Your Race

Being let go from a position based on your skin color is illegal and considered racial discrimination. Racial discrimination is often proved by employers or colleagues making comments on your color, or people treating you differently. Whether you can prove wrongful termination, you may have a case for discrimination.


If you’re unsure if you were wrongfully terminated, ask yourself these questions:

– Was I fired for asking for a promotion?
– Was I let go for claiming workers’ compensation?
– Was I forced out of my position because of race of sexual harassment?
– Was I let go for taking family leave?


There are hundreds of situations in which wrongful termination cases exist. It’s best to work with an experienced lawyer who can prove your case and get you the justice you deserve.