Being involved in a truck accident is liable to shake you to your very core. In addition to being deeply frightening and upsetting, truck accidents commonly result in serious damage to vehicles and considerable personal injury. So, if you’ve been victimized by someone else’s negligent driving, there’s no time like the present to start collecting the restitution you’re owed. Truck accident victims looking to be made whole would do well to take the following steps.


Promptly Document Any Damage Done to Your Vehicle

Provided you’re able to do so without injuring yourself – or exacerbating any existing injuries – you should promptly document any damage the accident has caused to your vehicle. While thoroughly looking the car over, take care to photograph any damage you come across, regardless of how minor it appears to be. The sooner the damage is documented, the less room the responsible party will have to claim that it came about after the accident. Similarly, make a point of photographing any injuries you or your passengers have incurred – again, provided you’re able to do so without causing any discomfort or making those injuries worse.

Remain on the Scene Until the Authorities Arrive

Even if the accident in question was fully the fault of another driver, you won’t be doing yourself any favors by leaving the scene before the authorities have arrived. For one thing, this creates the impression that you’re fleeing, which may understandably be taken as an indication of guilt. Furthermore, leaving the scene of the accident before the police arrive provides the responsible party with a prime opportunity to shape the narrative and paint themselves in a positive light.

Exchange Insurance Information with the Responsible Party

Exchanging insurance information with the responsible party is a crucial step in getting the compensation you’re owed. After all, if the party in question is able to leave the scene without providing this info, you’re liable to have a very difficult time collecting. So, provided you feel safe approaching this person, take care to exchange info before leaving the scene. Additionally, if this person refuses to provide their insurance information, don’t fight them on this. This ultimately helps your case, as it’s a tacit acknowledgement of guilt on their part, and if this individual is uncooperative, the police will be able to obtain the info you seek upon their arrival.

Don’t Lash Out at the Responsible Party

It’s easy to see why you’d be feeling intense anger in the wake of a truck accident. After all, someone else’s negligent driving may have caused considerable damage to your vehicle – not to mention yourself and anyone you’re riding with. Still, no matter how angry you are, it’s in everyone’s best interest that you avoid lashing out at the responsible party. Even if the fault fully lies with them, you stand to muddy the waters by verbally berating them or engaging them in a physical altercation, and an assault charge is the absolute last thing you want to be dealing with in the wake of a truck accident.

So, regardless of how infuriated you are by the actions of the responsible party, take care to keep your anger in check when interacting with them. If you don’t think you’re capable of containing your anger, simply wait for the police to arrive and have them collect the necessary info.

By the same token, don’t allow the responsible party to draw you into an altercation. Having caused an accident, they may feel as if they have nothing to lose by getting into a fight, and you’d be wise to avoid giving them what they want. Instead, simply keep your cool and reach out to a good attorney. Fortunately for Mile High City residents, they should have no trouble finding a good truck a​ccident lawyer in Denver, CO.

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Being the victim of a truck accident can be equal parts frustrating, upsetting and financially strenuous. Given the tremendous level of vehicle damage and personal injury a truck accident can cause, it’s only fitting that victims seek proper restitution. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, many truck accident victims are unable to obtain the compensation they’re owed. If you’ve been adversely impacted by a truck accident and wish to be compensated in a fair and timely manner, heed the advice outlined above.