When selling or buying real estate , litigation and litigation can arise. If necessary, it is recommended to hire a real estate lawyer from Atlanta. This lawyer may be called upon for advice or as a defense lawyer in the  event of legal recourse. It may be appointed ex officio or chosen by the defendant. The fees of this lawyer are fixed with the client and depend on the difficulty of the case. They are determined in a lawyer’s fee agreement signed by both parties. Everything you need to know.

Different Lawyers

What is a real estate lawyer?

As its name suggests, the real estate lawyer is a specialist in real estate law. This lawyer must have a perfect mastery of the Construction and Housing Code . It is possible to find this lawyer online or with justice institutions . Like lawyers in foreigners’ law , lawyers in family law or lawyers in labor law , this professional is established in different regions of Spain. Similarly, the property laws considering cars and vehicles can be dealt with by Illinois used car lemon laws firm.

What is real estate law?

The court lawyer specializing in real estate must master the elements of private and public real estate law , but also the Civil Code and the Town Planning Code . Moreover, real estate law is a branch of Spanish law which deals with the sector relating to real estate in particular.

The real estate law in which the real estate lawyer operates includes regulations relating to:

• To buildings and condominiums ;
• For real estate rental ;
• In the various real estate transactions, in particular the sale and purchase;
• The regime relating to immovable property;
• In the vicinity of disturbances ;
• To the rules of town planning and others.


A real estate lawyer is often used in the event of a dispute over real estate, particularly in the context of the division of an inheritance . The field of intervention of this lawyer is not limited to conflict resolution , but can extend to various areas related to real estate law. It is possible, and even recommended, to use a real estate lawyer in several situations relating to the use of real estate.

Usually, a real estate lawyer Spain is called upon to advise an individual in relation to a particular property. The skills of this legal professional extend to the purchase, sale or rental of real estate by drafting the deed of disposal.

business law

This lawyer specializing in the field of real estate also supports his client during the creation of real estate assets such as a SCI. It provides information on the regulations in force for the construction of a building, a house or any other property. In the event of disagreement between the members of a syndicate of co-owners, the real estate lawyer can also help find suitable solutions.

The real estate lawyer is able to defend the interests of his client in the event of a conflict resulting from a real estate action. Eviction, the collection of unpaid rents, the renewal of the lease, and the revision of the conditions of the lease are among the areas of competence of this lawyer.

Professionals: the skills of a lawyer in a dispute

In the event of a conflict between professionals during the construction of real estate, the real estate lawyer can intervene. Indeed, it can deliver advice concerning the responsibility of each party and the sanctions or the applicable rules according to the nature of the dispute.

Thus, the real estate lawyer can initiate a procedure relating to the guarantees of the real estate developer, to poor performance of the contract on the part of the construction company or to design irregularities of the architect. Professionals can call on a real estate lawyer in the event of refusal of a building permit or concerns relating to public contracts. So the next time you are looking for lawyer in Alicante, you will find the best help there.