A vacation accommodation with a joint ownership model is a timeshare. In a standard timeshare, you split the cost of the residence with other buyers in exchange for a set amount of year access to the property. Timeshares are frequently smaller accommodations located on a more considerable resort property.

Once you have decided to cancel a timeshare agreement, selecting the right lawyer to assist you is crucial. Timeshare lawyer services know and track record to assist clients successfully in terminating their agreements, particularly after the revocation period. A knowledgeable attorney can help you withdraw a timeshare contract, even though many timeshare firms will try to convince customers that they cannot do so once the cancellation deadline has passed.

The following advice will help you select the top lawyers.

Make sure to select a timeshare attorney

Of over 12 million licensed and active attorneys worldwide, only a tiny portion performs timeshare law, which is why it is a specialty. Therefore, be cautious about selecting a lawyer with years of experience handling timeshare cases.

There is frequently a specified cancellation term in timeshare contracts. The cancellation period must be in effect for you to terminate your agreement, so be careful to start looking for attorneys as soon as you decide to leave your timeshare. However, if the time limit has passed, you can hire an experienced lawyer to help you legally exit the agreement.

Exit firms are not attorneys

You will find several companies offering exit services. However, one must understand that they are not law firms. They will ask you to pay maintenance fees and take steps that are not in your favor. The longer you pay for maintenance, the higher the timeshare companies make. However, one must learn that they are not law services. They are not licensed and cannot go to court to fight on your behalf.


Why should you hire a timeshare lawyer?

You might need help with your contract. A clause in your agreement, drafted following one state’s laws, may be invalid or unenforceable elsewhere. For instance, many states wouldn’t uphold your contract’s clause requiring you to cover the resort’s legal costs in any circumstance.

The problems that a timeshare can cause have no end. There are places than the contract where things might go wrong. The deed’s description or essential details could be inaccurate if your timeshare is a freehold or leasehold real estate interest. If so, you should have it fixed. However, not all of the issues are legal issues. Timeshare attorneys are deeply aware of the distinctions between situations requiring legal counsel and those not.

Steps to find a timeshare lawyer

Some services let you do a 15 minute consultation to find out if you can exit. The free consultation can help you decide better. A quality lawyer will listen to you and evaluate your circumstances. If you can make an exit and require a lawyer, you will be provided one for further guidance.


Thus, when it comes to disputes related to timeshare properties, hiring effective timeshare lawyer services gives you an advantage in coming to a settlement. It not only allows you to understand the basics of your contract but gives you a thorough knowledge of improving and enhancing future contracts based on timeshare properties. It often requires legal battles, but with the help of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers, one can gain a competitive advantage in the case hearing.