Miami is the seat of Miami-Dade County. It is the second-largest Florida city and the sixth-largest city with the highest population in the U.S. The Miami port is one of the busiest with many passengers and cruise ships, and the risk of boating accidents is also high. In 2019, 73 boating accidents were reported in Miami-Dade. In this, 38 people got injured, and four deaths have been reported.

If you or your loved one got injured in a commercial boating accident in Miami, you might file a case to recover your damages. It is crucial to hire a Miami Boating Accident Attorney who has efficient experience in handling boating accidents.


Boating Accidents Can be Fatal

The boat accidents can take place due to several reasons such as:

● Negligence of the boat owner
● Unworthiness
● Lack of proper safety equipment
● Defective boat or boat without proper maintenance
● Mechanical failure

Whatever the reason, boating accidents can cause severe injuries. The injuries may be mild, such as bruises, injuries, or severe bone fractures, brain injury, spinal cord injury, etc.

Need for a Miami Boating Accident Attorney

If you have been suffering from chronic boating accident injuries, you may go through a lot of pain and suffering. You will have to spend a lot on your medical bills to recover from the injury.

The process involved in filing a lawsuit is complex for you to handle it alone. Having a Miami Boating Accident Attorney on your side can reduce your stress, and you can focus on recovering from your injuries along with other benefits like:

Evidence Collection

The boating accident attorney investigates the case and collects crucial evidence such as accident reports or any records on the boat or boat operator. They also try to collect other evidence, namely photographs of the accident and testimony from the eyewitness.


The boating accident attorney consults the doctors and other medical experts to understand the severity of your injuries. They make a document about your medical condition and other reports to prove your injuries.

Liable Parties

The attorney identifies the parties who should be liable for your injuries, damages, and suffering.


The attorney determines the compensation you are entitled to by considering your injuries. They submit the essential documents and negotiate with the insurance and liable party and ensure that you receive the maximum amount you deserve.

Statute of Limitations

Florida’s statute of limitations for filing boating accidents is four years. The boating accident attorney can help you file a claim within the statute of limitations.

Filing a Lawsuit

When you get injured in a boating mishap or accident, you can file a lawsuit against the liable parties. Several Miami maritime laws relate to boating accidents, and a boating accident attorney will have a vast knowledge of these laws. The Miami boating accident attorney understands your case and files a proper lawsuit.


It will protect your legal rights as a boating accident victim. The lawyer can help you fight for your boating accident and ensure that you get the compensation for paying bills, medical expenses, and mental trauma.