Why You Should Let Your Car Accident Lawyer Deal with Your Insurance Company

Fatal Car Accident

Queens is the fifth most populous county in the United States, with a population of around 2,240,800. Since it is home to several multinational companies and prominent business organizations, the traffic condition is particularly hectic.

According to stats, there are close to 12000 hospitalizations every year due to motor vehicle injuries in New York. Queens follows a “no-fault policy” in car accident claims. In a no-fault state, your car insurance provider would cover your medical expenses and lost wages regardless of whose fault the accident was. If you sustained personal or property damage in a car accident in Queens, NY, it’s essential to contact your Queens car accident lawyer.

What is “Comparative Negligence” in Queens Car Accident Lawsuits?

The concept of “comparative negligence” is vital in determining the degree or percentage of fault in car accident cases. If the other driver is wholly responsible for the accident and there is no fault on your side, they should compensate you for your personal injury expenses and property damages.

However, if the court establishes that you are responsible for the accident, at some level, then the jury will assess the percentage of responsibility on your end.

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The compensation you are eligible for will depend on the percentage of responsibility on your side. For instance, if the court decides that you have 20% responsibility for causing the accident and the other driver has an 80% responsibility, you will receive only 80% of the total claim you are eligible for. Your insurance claims analyst or the insurance claims analyst of the other driver’s insurance company will also compute your percentage of responsibility.

The computation is based on the facts and circumstances of each case. The evidence, documents, and written submissions you submit to the jury and the insurance company will significantly impact the computation process. It’s best to contact your Queens car accident lawyer for guidance on written submission preparations and documentation if you are involved in a car accident in Queens.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Car accident cases in Queens can be complicated. There are several intricate legal provisions and conditions surrounding these cases. An experienced lawyer like the car wreck attorney monroela can not only guide you through the legal process but also help you claim the highest compensation you might be eligible for.

What Is A Personal Injury And What Can You Expect After An Accident

Proving Negligence

Your car accident attorney in houston tx can help you prove that there was minimal or no fault on your side and that the other driver was entirely responsible for the accident. The attorney will help you collect, organize and submit relevant evidence in the form of photographs and witness statements to prove the same. You may also have to submit car repair expense receipts, bills, and invoices.

Negotiating with the Insurance Company

Insurance companies typically employ their in-house legal experts and lawyers. The insurance provider will try to maximize your responsibility percentage to establish comparative negligence and minimize the amount of compensation the company will have to discharge.

An expert lawyer who deals in car accident cases understands how car accident claims and insurance companies work. Your lawyer will formulate strategies to counter the moves of the insurance company and help you claim damages.

Reports suggest Queens, NY, witnesses a car crash every 4 minutes and close to 20 crashes in an hour. Experienced car accident lawyers with in-depth legal understanding and knowledge can help you handle your car accident case. Your lawyer can help you understand the legal implications of your case and claim damages from the insurance company.