According to one source, Americans spend around $1,200 on prescription medications each year.

With insurance, prescription medications can be extremely expensive. For those who don’t have insurance, it can cost even more to the point where they can’t afford it.

In the world of prescription drug news, we know the costs are on the rise, but which medications have increased in cost the most over the past year? Find out.


In 2015, Martin Shkreli called out Daraprim for raising its prices from $13.50 per pill to about $750 in just the span of a few days.

This helped to start a conversation around the country about how expensive prescription medications were getting. This also started a class-action lawsuit, but the price for Daraprimcontinues to rise.

Today, a month supply of 60 tablets can cost you about $45,000.

Daraprim is a medication that is normally prescribed to transplant or AIDS patients to help them be able to fight infections. It’s also used to treat toxoplasmosis in healthy people.

While this drug is expensive, patients normally only have to take it for a few months rather than a lifetime.


Eliquis is also an expensive drug, and it’s normally used to help lower people’s chances of a stroke. It can also help to prevent clotting in the veins and lungs.

There aren’t really any alternatives for this medication, and thankfully it’s covered by Medicare and other popular insurance plans. However, its prices are still rising and can cost you as much as $550.

To check the prices of a prescription drug before you go pick it up, make sure you check out these prescription medication prices.


Tradjenta is a popular drug that helps to treat type 2 diabetes and control your blood sugar levels. It’s one of the more popular gliptins out there, and there aren’t any generic alternatives to it.

The most common version of this drug is normally covered by insurance, but copays may still be applicable. Your insurance company may also only cover a portion of the drug.

A 30-day supply of this medicine will cost you around $500 without any insurance.


Lastly, Chantix is also an extremely expensive drug. It was designed to help people be able to quit smoking because it reduces the symptoms of withdrawal after someone stops.

Currently, there is no generic form, but there may be one that is cheaper in the future.

For now, you can use most insurances to pay for this drug, but the average price is around $515, and it is not getting any cheaper.

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