Study Hard and Don’t Break Your Wallet


What usually students suffer from is finding a house for group studies or an affordable co-working space to gather and finish what should be done before deadlines. Tiki working space covered it all for you!

You don’t have to stick to indoors and boring areas its more fun, colorful and with an adorable garden for those who want to breeze some fresh air and help them studying.


Place is located in Nasr City (38 Dr Abd allah El-Araby, Al Hay as Sabea), which is close to everyone and the timing makes it easier to access it open from 9am to 2am so you can spend the day and all you need is to go home and sleep for the 7 hours gap.


Starting 10EGP your space is covered, we kept searching for our beloved students to meet their friends 7 days a week and no more freeze in such a weather!



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