The internet has changed the landscape of everything around us. If, I were to ask you what is the biggest blessing that the internet has brought in our lives. I am sure most of you would agree that the advent and rise of E-commerce or Online buying & selling some may call it has been the biggest blessing that the internet has brought in our lives.

You no longer need to wander around in the market looking for you’re the goods you need. You simply write your required item on the internet and there you have it on your screen thousands of sellers willing to sell and deliver you your desired product.


The rise of E-commerce has also given birth too many other businesses that were relatively non-existence prior to the E-commerce boom. One of the most important of them has been the Digital Marketing Industry. Digital Marketing is one of the most sought after services of today’s time. Every business has gone online hence every business requires the services of digital marketing agencies. For example, if you are planning to open a pavers business, you must get in touch with a paving marketing agency as they provide digital marketing services, especially for pavers.”

Digital marketing agencies first came on to the scene in the early 2000’s in major American cities like New York and Chicago etc. where many local businesses started their online stores. Ever since then there has been no looking back and digital marketing agencies have spurred on to the global landscape all around the world.

The number of digital marketing agencies present today are countless and you can expect to find digital marketing agencies in almost every major city of the world. However, a few of them stand above the rest. Why some marketing agencies to better than others? We will highlight the findings and reasons here with the prime example of one of New York’s favorite digital marketing agency, “ProStrategix Consulting.”

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ProStrategix consulting is one of the most recommended local digital marketing agencies today but this success has not come overnight. There are several reasons why this company stands above the others. According to our research on the company and from valuable feedback from their clientele, we have come to know that the company combines comprehensive marketing strategies with unique digital marketing strategies that make their clients feel good about the overall digital marketing of their brands. Market knowledge is pivotal to the success of any digital marketing campaign. ProStrategix has some of the finest talents of the market that are very well equipped with market knowledge that helps them achieve a competitive advantage from their competitors.

It is very important for a digital marketing agency to have a strategic focus by having a plan in mind. Companies that plan well on how to pursue a digital strategy usually outperform companies that lack a strategic focus. It is important for marketers to make sure that not only their messages reach their potential customers through different digital platforms but also have a long lasting impact on the consumer buying behavior. It is hence extremely important to know your customers well and this is why it is always better to hire a local marketing agency for your business.

ProStrategix has a clear advantage when it comes to knowing their customers and this is through their talent pool. Most of the employees at the company come from New York City having spent most of their lives in and around the city. This has made them stand above most agencies in the city as their employees are well aware of the consumer psychology of the citizens of New York and of the thousands of tourists that come here all year around.

One more very crucial success factors for digital marketing agencies is their experience with different clients. Each client is different and has different requirements on how they would like their digital marketing campaigns to be executed. Hence, having an agency that has experience with a number of clients is always a plus point as the company gets experienced in handling all sorts of customer queries.

Most agencies offer more or less the same type of services which include the likes of pay per click, search engine optimization, social media handling, photography, website designing and content marketing etc. The offerings may be same in all agencies but the quality of services and the ability of digital marketers to capture consumer attention differs quiet a lot in these agencies. The reason primarily being lack of market knowledge, inexperience and lack of strategic focus etc.

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Digital marketing is a very tricky thing especially for service based business as compared to goods/product sellers as their message often goes un-conveyed through poor digital marketing campaigns. ProStrategix specializes in digital marketing for service based businesses and have designed successful marketing campaigns for many service businesses. The company helps service businesses with their brand strategy by helping them figure out their customer base & customer behavior. It’s extremely important to know your target market. Once this is done then the focus turns towards designing the right brand message for the target market in order to motivate them.

The last step is to try to make sure that consumer engagement/involvement is converted into consumer buying behavior. This is done through lead generation and by connecting with the customer through creative marketing strategies.

The best way to get to know about a business and its services is to take feedback from their existing clients. If the current and past clients are happy with the experience than you can easily trust the agency with your brand. This is particularly the case with ProStrategix as their own advertisement is the word of mouth of their customers who speak very highly of their services. They are more than a simple digital marketing agency. The company aims to not only sell its digital marketing services but also to transfer knowledge & digital skill to its clients so that they can effectively pursue online buying and selling.

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They also have a blog where they publish content, free of cost, to help small businesses in digital marketing. This truly speaks of the commitment of the brand towards small businesses and digital marketing.

Next time you are thinking of taking your brand online through a digital marketing agency you know what to look for in the agency. Make sure you choose the right agency as they say that one right move can take you one thousands step ahead!