Learning driving skills is fun and exciting when you first approach it. You usually find a driving school to learn driving and hope that every school teaches the same. However, this is not true. The driving lessons and driving techniques taught be each school is different and unique.

Although you may not be aware of the difference, your driving skills are a mirror of what you have learned from your driving tutor. But not everything is taught in driving school.

Some lessons need to be self-established and those lessons are what the base of your driving skill set. Read on to know what driving lessons you must know whether or not you go to a specialized school.

Blind Spots

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Mirrors and identification of blind spots are some of the base lessons of Defensive Driving. Your driving tutor may or may not teach you about mirrors but it is exceptionally important to know about mirrors and their angle.

Your left and right mirrors are set to see the rear picture from the driver seat. You can choose to set your mirrors at any angle you feel comfortable, but you have to make sure you are aware of the blind spot.

A blind spot is a projection that you don’t get from your mirror. Since you don’t get any pictures from a blind spot, you are unable to judge your opinion about someone approaching from there.

Thus, make sure you set your mirrors such as you to have the least of the blind spot.


This might sound funny for you and that’s why some driving schools don’t even bother to teach these Driving Lessons in Coventry but indicators and their proper use is a very important aspect to care about. The indicators are installed on the left and right sides of the vehicle and are used to indicate others that you want to steer left or right.

Turning on the left or right indicator as per your desired direction is obvious but you should know that you can also indicate the other riders to overtake if you are not speeding up.

Suppose the driver behind you wants to move past you and you want to let him overtake your car, then you have to turn on the opposite side indicator of the pillion rider to show him that he can overtake.

Blinking Headlights


On the other hand, when you want to overtake the rider ahead of you, all you have to do is blink your headlights. This may look like rudimentary tips but many drivers fail to know the key reason behind these doings.

Also, if you blink the headlights for the opposite lane driver in a single lane, that means you want him to wait till you overtake, and then he can cross the lane. These tips sound pretty artless and simple but are very important and widely used by drivers.

Use these tips to stay safe.