If your pipes have been broken by roots, soil, or other damage, it’s only a matter of time before they cause serious problems on your property. To fix this issue before it completely ruins your garden, you have two options.

On the one hand, you can opt for excavation and dig up your gardens or pathways. Alternatively, you can opt for non-invasive drain relining, which fixes your pipes with no digging and no mess.

At the end of the day, the choice is an easy one. Drain relining is the way to go, meaning the next step is to find a reliable blocked drain relining service provider. To assist you, we’ve put together an article covering all the things you should look for in a drain relining company.


What Is Blocked Drain Relining and Why Is It Right for Me?

Signs that you need your pipes relined will always be hiding under the surface, but if you look closely enough, they’re not too hard to notice. An odd smell in your garden, problems with water quality, and gurgling noises in your toilet could all be signs of blocked and damaged drains.

If you have a green patch in your garden or you have a big tree with invasive roots, this could also be a sign of a problem.

Pipe relining will repair and strengthen the condition of your pipes by installing an epoxy liner. This liner is inserted, inflated, and cured. Having strengthened your pipes from the inside, the liner can then be removed, which often leaves the pipe in better condition than before.

Other methods for fixing or replacing a pipe involve digging extensive trenches, but blocked drain relining involves, at the most, digging a small hole.

Look for These Qualities in Your Blocked Drain Relining Service Provider

  • Experience, Training, and Equipment: Blocked drain relining isn’t something that just any plumber can do for you. To ensure the job is done properly, you should look for a company that specializes in drain cleaning, relining, and related services like CCTV inspection. Generally speaking, the more experience the better. A professional that has been clearing and relining drains for more than 20 years is more likely to do a flawless job for you. As well as being highly trained in drain clearing techniques, the professional you choose need all the equipment for the job. This includes everything from CCTV drain cameras to high-pressure water technology.
  • End-to-End Drain Services: A drain relining service involves installing the liner, inserting a bladder, and pressing it against the old pipe wall. The bladder is then removed, leaving you with a better than the new pipe. However, that’s just one step in the process. The first thing you need to do is to inspect your drains to identify the problem. This involves CCTV inspections with technology like Indian cameras. If there are blockages present in your pipes, thorough cleaning is then required to prepare the pipe for relining. After the relining service, a further CCTV inspection should also be completed to ensure your relined pipe is in great condition. You need to make sure your blocked drain relining service provider can do all this for you: Inspections, blocked drain clearing, relining, and subsequent drain surveys.
  • A No Dig No Mess Promise: Blocked drain relining is far less invasive than alternative services, which could involve digging up your garden, your pathways, and your driveway! However, the quality of your relining service will still depend on your service provider and their exact methods. Before you choose the professional for your job, ask them about their methods and any guarantees they offer in relation to digging, non-invasive relining, and mess.
  • Warranties: Drain relining services are reliable and highly effective. They will restore your pipes to new conditions without having to pull them out and replace them. For this reason, your blocked drain relining service provider should be confident offering you an extensive warranty. Look for a 40-year warranty on drain clearing and relining services.
  • Selling Points That Help Them Stand Apart: Effective drain relining can usually be completed in just one day. To ensure there is no delay in the process, look for a provider who offers same-day services. You should also look for an open, honest, and all-inclusive pricing system. You don’t want any hidden costs to drive up the price of your service, and some providers will charge extra for things like travel time. Other things to look for include discounts for pensioners and seniors, and 24-hour services.

Hire Your Blocked Drain Relining Service Today

If you’re looking for a blocked drain relining service, head online now and look for an experienced, qualified, equipped professional who can provide you with extensive services, warranties, and a no-mess promise. When you find a service provider who will go the extra mile, you’ll be well on the way to having worry-free pipes for years to come.