Over time, cars are prone to something called depreciation. This is where they lose their value and can’t be sold for what they were initially purchased for.

One factor that leads to this is wear and tear. Things such as sun fading, scuffs, paint chips, and other minor imperfections all damage the appearance of your car.

Below we are going to talk about five tips that you should follow to avoid vehicle wear and tear as much as possible.

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Follow a maintenance schedule

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to keep your car looking its best is to follow a maintenance schedule. You’ll reduce the need for repairs and can identify issues before they get worse. As well as checking aspects yourself, you’ll also need to get regular services with a trusted mechanic.

Don’t forget that it’s still wise to invest in protection, as there will be some things that you won’t be able to prevent. While it’s not common, there is car warranty that covers wear and tear, so make sure you do your research.

Keep everything clean

Alongside following the right car maintenance tips, you also want to keep your vehicle clean. This will eliminate stains, preserve your paint, and you’ll feel much better driving in a car that smells fresh.

Experts recommend washing the exterior every two weeks to remove dirt and bugs. The interior should be done monthly, with a thorough cleaning twice a year.


Fill up your vehicle regularly

Fuel can be costly, but there is a good reason why you should keep your vehicle full. Driving on empty can wear out the engine, and it will run less efficiently.

It’s also common to experience clogs in your filter if you frequently leave the tank low. So it’s always better to top up once you reach around a quarter full.

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Park undercover

The weather can have devasting effects on your vehicle, so it’s essential to find places to park it undercover as much as possible. Of course, a garage is always best, but an awning and car park are a couple of other options if a storm appears.

While parking under trees is sometimes recommended in hot weather, it can be worth staying clear on windy days. The last thing you want is for a branch to fall.

Correct bad habits

Finally, another way to keep your car operating well is to make sure that you correct any bad driving habits. Certain things you may be doing out on the road could be causing significant damage.

A few things you’ll want to stay clear of include:

– Hard breaking

– Speeding

– Revving your engine

– Overloading your vehicle

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Final thoughts

And that’s it! These were five tips to help you avoid vehicle wear and tear. By following the advice above, you can keep your car in its best condition, reducing the need for costly repairs and improving its overall resale value.