Parking for cars an essential to avoid any traffic choice. Car parking systems or facility can be public or private and the parking can be both outdoor and indoor. Parking can be in the parking space that belongs to the property of the person’s house or it can be in a parking garage, as    there are different types of car parking systems available worldwide. The parking garages for cars are classified in three types. Let us look into the three types of parking garage:

Car Parking Garage:

1.Single level parking garage:

This type of parking garage has got only one floor where the cars can be parked. This is most common type of parking garage.

2.Multi Level parking garage:

The design of this type of parking garage differs. The less common of this type of car parking system is the one that uses a lift to move the cars from one level to another, This type of parking garage has got multiple floors to park the cars. There is also a type of parking garage that use robotics to move the cars from one level to another. However, the most common type of parking garage that uses a ramp to move from one level to another. In these parking garages, the floors can either go down or up or both ways.

3.Underground parking garage:

Most of the time we can find this type of parking system in the city centres, wherein there is not much space available to build parking spaces, but the requirement of the same is huge. In this type of parking garage, the car parking system has levels below the surface, and nothing is above the ground.

Car Parking Systems

Gets An Insight Of The Other Type Car Parking Systems

  • Parking Lot:

A parking lot is an area that is generally assigned for parking of cars and bikes. Here the parking spaces are generally marked in yellow or white lines on the ground in the form of square wherein a car can easily fit in. Parking lots are very near bars, shops, restaurants, and other facilities that require parking.

  • Carports:

The type of car parking system is generally located on people’s driveways next to their house. Carports protect the car from adverse weather conditions such as rain and snow.  These are covered places wherein one or two cars can be installed. They are generally private properties that come along with the house

  • Automated parking space (APS):

This type of system is entirely automatic and does not require staff. In this type of mechanism, it uses multiple levels and generally stacks cars vertically to use as less land as possible to park as many cars as possible. Automated parking space is a mechanism that moves the car from the entry to the parking space that is available. Amid all the car parking systems APS is very space-efficient. More cars can be stacked in a compact space because cars are moved by lift and platforms.

  • Parking spaces on the side of the street:

These types of parking spaces are available on the side of the road where metered or spaces are laid out to be used as parking and are considered to be as parking facilities. These types of spaces can be commonly identified as there are more than one square is lined out on the ground with either yellow or white paint that can fit one car. In other areas, there aren’t any parking spaces drawn on the street, so you being a driver are supposed to park your car between the lines. This usually happens in residential areas where it is generally less crowded.

  • Semi-automated Parking system:

In this type of car parking systems use a mechanical system to move the cars to their parking space; however, it needs human action to do the work, either by the attendant or the driver. However, this action can be as simple as pushing a button.

Thus, we get a clear understanding of a systematic way of car parking systems that is available throughout the world and how does it function or work by looking into the different ways in which car parking system works.