The warranty is one of the things that should be considered when purchasing a new car or van. Some car manufacturers provide longer warranties on their vehicles than others.

The general length of a car warranty is around 3 years; However, some manufacturers are now offering 5, or even 7 years warranty on their vehicles. Now why is this important?

Well, the main reason is that it gives you peace of mind from unexpected costs that you may encounter on your car. If a manufacturer will repair electrical faults on your car for up to 7 years after you purchase it, then surely its good value for money. Furthermore, it reassures you that the product itself is of good quality.

The caveat to the length of warranty is the miles driven, which maxes out around 100,000, however, some manufacturers are now offering unlimited milage within a set number of years.

Here are some of the best cars that offer long warranties:

  • Hyundai i10


The i10 by Hyundai not only a comfortable and spacious car, it is also affordable to run. Combine those low running cars with its practical and convenient design and you have the ideal city car. The benefits don’t stop there, because Hyundai offers a 5-year warranty with unlimited mileage, which makes this car a great choice.

Warranty: 5 years (on new cars); mileage: unlimited

  • Kia Ceed


The Kia Ceed offers one of the longest warranties available on the market. Since it is so spacious, it is a great choice for a family car. This hatchback is one of the best-selling cars offered by Kia. It has a compact but sleek design and is great to drive. Kia Ceeds boast powerful petrol engines and can be an alternative to other compact family cars which are ideal for cities.

Warranty: 7 years (on new cars); mileage: 100,000 miles

  • Toyota C-HR


The C-HR is available as a petrol turbo or hybrid car that allows comfortable driving and can tackle corners well as well as steering accurately. This SUV has a unique exterior design that may not be everyone’s taste but is overall a reliable car that allows for a good driving experience.

Warranty: 5 years (on new cars); mileage: 100,000 miles

Why is warranty so important?

While there are many reliable cars that are efficient and fun to drive, a warranty will allow you to avoid unnecessary costs in the first years after purchasing it. Warranties are also available for cars that you already own. If you aren’t currently covered by a manufacturer warranty, then it’s probably a good idea to take out an extended warranty. This will protect you from major costs that can arise after the original warranty expires.