Electric cars are catching people’s attention. With the price of fuel going up, electricity seems to be the way some car manufacturers are going.

Electric cars function when you plug into a charge point and acquire current from the electric grid. In this case, the electric current is stored in rechargeable batteries used to power the electric cars which are used in turning the wheels. In comparison to fuel cars, electric cars are faster in acceleration. The best car manufacturers stock earnings are reflecting in NIO earnings.

How to charge an electric car


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How far can the charge last

The distance you can cover with a full charge will solemnly depend on your electric motor model. Each type varies in terms of efficiency, range, and battery size. The good model can be utilized on your journeys without making a stop to charge before you reach your destination.

Types of electric cars

We have different models of two electric cars (EV). Some depend on electricity fully and are referred to as pure electric vehicles. We also have some that run on diesel and petrol. These are referred to as hybrid vehicles.

  • Plugin electric: These motors depend on electricity and acquire power when plugged into a charge. They don’t require any diesel or petrol to function, and no emission is produced like those traditional motors.
  • Plugin-hybrid: They run on electricity and have an intact fuel tank whereby you can use petrol or diesel. In case you are out of charge, the car will automatically switch to diesel or fuel. When using electricity, the car will never produce emissions, but you will experience emissions when on fuel. The cars are rechargeable.
  • Hybrid electric: This type of motor runs on diesel or petrol and has a rechargeable electric battery which is charged by a process referred to as regenerative braking.

Some inner parts of the electric vehicle

Electric vehicles have 90% fewer moving parts compared to those traditional cars. Below are some parts of the electric vehicle that keeps it moving.

  • Electric motor/engine – this is where the energy to rotate wheels is generated from. It can either be AC/DC type, although the AC type is the most common
  • Inverter – This converts the electric current, which is in the form of DC, to AC
  • Drive train – Electric motors have a single-speed transmission used to send power from the engine to the wheels
  • Batteries – They are used in storing the electric current that runs the electric vehicle
  • Plug – Plug into electric vehicle charging point or outlet to charge the battery
  • Electric car charging

How to charge an electric car

An electric car can either be charged by plugging it into a charging unit or a socket. We have three types of chargers used to charge electric cars.

  • Three-pin plug – is a standard charger that you can connect to a 13 amp socket
  • Socketed – is a charging point where you can either connect type one or type two cables
  • Tethered – is a charging point attached with type one or type two cable

Duration when charging an electric car

We have three electric vehicles charging speed.

  • Slow – mostly rated up to 4kW. It can charge the car at the workplace or overnight
  • Fast – mostly rated up to 22kW. They are usually found in supermarkets, car parks, houses that have off-street lighting, and leisure centers. They take 3-4 hours to charge fully
  • ď‚·Rapid – often rated up to 43Kw. It is only compatible with electric vehicles that have a rapid charging system. It takes 30 to 60 minutes for it to charge.

In the article, we have discussed different technologies and ideas in an electric vehicle. It is upon the reader to make the choice when it comes to electric cars. Electric cars are great when it comes to acceleration and maintenance.