Whether you’re moving, or you’ve bought a new car, or you have any kind of a reason why you may have to transport your vehicle from one location to another, you will most likely decide not to drive it. Especially if we are talking about quite long distances. Instead, you will rely on professionals.

Why, though? Because relying on professionals is not only easier, but also safer. When you get open transport car shipping services, you will avoid adding unnecessary mileage to the vehicle, as well as ensure that it will be safely transported from one place to another, without any damage being caused to it.

Not to mention that you’ll also avoid additional wear and tear, as well as keep yourself safer by not being the one behind the wheel, covering that long distance.

So, it is quite clear that car shipping is the option you should go for when in need of having your vehicle transported. The open auto transportation solution is also quite affordable, meaning you won’t break the bank when you decide to use the service. On the contrary, the service will be cost-effective and, given the convenience that it offers, it will actually be worth every penny.

If you’ve already decided to rely on these services instead of driving the vehicle yourself, then there is only one thing left for you to do. In short, you have to actually arrange and get the services.

The only thing is, if you’ve never had to do this before, you may be unsure of how to actually get the perfect solution for you and thus ensure that you’ll be happy with it in the end.

Well, I’ll share some helpful tips about that below, hoping to lead you through the right steps and towards getting the best services for yourself.

1. Research Several Providers

As you may have guessed it already, the quality of the entire solution will depend on the actual company that you will decide to cooperate with in this process. Meaning what exactly? Meaning, obviously, that you will need to spend some time researching several providers, instead of simply going for the first one you come across. You can talk to past clients to get the information you need, but you can also use relevant sources online, such as the official websites of the companies you’re considering, as well as reviews written by their clients.

This is how car shipping works, if you’re not sure about it yet.

2. Choose Licensed, Insured and Reliable Ones

Of course, while doing the research, you will need to know precisely what to focus on checking during the process. For starters, you should check for licenses and insurance, and make sure to choose those companies that are properly licensed to work in this industry, and that carry good insurance.

The insurance is a must, because it guarantees that you will be compensated in case they cause any damage to your car while transporting it.

But then, you will also have to choose reliable ones. In order to do so, you’ll need to check the reputation of the providers you’re considering, and that is where those conversations with other people, and those client reviews, will come quite in handy.

Your task is to choose trusted and reputable pros, because that will be a sort of a guarantee that they will provide you with high quality services.

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3. Decide on the Dates That Work for You

When you take some time to check the shipping cost calculators provided by different professionals, or specifically by the one you have chosen already, you may realize one thing. The dates have an impact on the prices, and that’s due to the amount of space left on the transporter.

So, think carefully about the dates that work for you best, but try to factor in the price as well if you’re not in a hurry, aiming at getting the most affordable solution, while also getting a high quality one.

If you’re thinking of taking your new car on a long-distance road trip instead of shipping, you may want to learn more about whether that is really a good idea.

4. Prepare the Vehicle

Once you have decided on the dates, you will make the necessary arrangements with the providers you have chosen. That’s when you will have to proceed towards actually preparing your vehicle for transportation.

Wash it, and take any valuable belongings out of it, because those usually aren’t covered by insurance.

Of course, remember to inspect the vehicle and document the existing damage, so that you can do comparisons when it arrives to the new destination and thus check if you are entitled to any kind of compensation.

5. Let the Pros Handle the Rest

After you’ve prepared the car, you’ll get to relax. Just let the pros handle the rest. They will transport the vehicle to the new destination quickly and safely. And, you will get to enjoy the fact that you’re not the one who needs to go through such a long drive.