Owing а JЕЕP Wrangler is like being the king of the road. Your vehicle sits taller than others, and you get а feeling that you are literally flying above the ground. The Jeep Wrangler is а vehicle for all roads and all weather conditions. The installation of Jeep Wrangler Halo Lights is possible in simple steps.

You can ride the vehicle on highways and other smaller roads quite comfortably. You can also do а lot of off-roading with the vehicle. But you must ensure that you equip the vehicle with the best accessories if you want to make full use of the vehicle. You don’t need Experts For Installation/Just take out your simple tools and follow below steps.

Getting LЕD Headlights For Your JЕЕP Wrangler

This is one of the best accessories that you can buy for your vehicle. It will make your driving even more of а pleasure. Sometimes you may find your original headlights failing to meet your expectations, especially when you are off-roading. It is essential to get a pair of good LЕD headlights that will make your ride safer for yourself and others.


LЕD vs. Halogen Lights

Beforewe see how to install JЕЕP Wrangler LЕD headlights, let us see the other best option to stock headlights. Halogen is another common option that many people recommend. Let us see the key difference between LED and Halogen. The first advantage with LЕD lights is that it consumes much lesser power compared to the Halogen option. Another big advantage is that the LED LЕD lights last much longer than Halogen lights. But,when it comes to cost; the LЕD lights costs more fortune than Halogen does.

Installing Your JЕЕP Wrangler Halo Lights

Installing Halo lights with these below 10 simple steps is easier than ever before. Follow simple steps and you are good to go.


1.The first step to installing your Headlights is to remove the rubber clips and open your hood. You must remove the front grill if you want access to your headlights. It is easy to remove the screws with normal tools. You must be careful not to damage the grill when removing it. You can put your hands underneath to push grill upwards and remove it safely.

2. Remove the four screws that hold the headlight. You can now remove the metal ring around the light that holds it.

3. Once you have removed the ring, you can remove the headlights.

4. Carefully unplug the adapter and remove your old headlights.

5. You can fit your new Halo Lights by following the same steps in the reverse order.

6. You must be sure that all the connections are secure. If your model of the JЕЕP uses the H4 socket, then you can use the converter to connect the H13 socket.

7. You must make sure that you have connected the LЕD anti-flicker driver module. This is necessary if you don’t want to burn out your Halo Lights.

8. Once you have made all the connections, you must switch on the lights and see if they work properly. If your lights don’t work at all, please check all the pins on both the adapters of the Halo Lights and the module box. Ensure all the pins are pushed in securely. If the lights still refuse to work, then you need to disconnect the adapter and connect it again.

9. If your high beam is not working as soon as you turn it on, this means that your battery is not supplying enough power for the lights. You must change the battery. If there is flickering on one side, you can interchange the module box and check if there is а problem with the module box.

10. If the lights continue to flicker, you may need an anti-flicker harness. If it came with your packing, you could attach the same while installation. The anti-flicker harness is meant to ensure that the connection to the JЕЕP’s electrical system is proper.

When you see that the lights are working perfectly put the ring back securely. Install the grill back and take your JЕЕP for а safer ride.