While importing a car from the UK to Ireland, there are many steps in this process. Many procedures need to be completed, from getting the right car to calculating the Vehicle Registration Tax or VRT. As a result, using a VRT calculator is one of the best ways to shorten the process.

However, even then, many procedures need to be followed for the proper import of the car. With the BREXIT, the new cars may need to undergo a 23% VAT and 10% customs duty. The proper steps of importing a car from the UK to Ireland are discussed below.

Importing a Car from the UK to Ireland


The steps regarding the import of a car from the UK to Ireland are as follows-

  1. Finding a Car

The first step is getting the right car. Before the import happens, the customers must be sure about their car, so they don’t regret their purchase later. Going through your options properly in car showrooms, sites, auctions, and talking to car dealers can give you an idea regarding what you would want in your ideal car. Take your time and choose the one that you like the most.

  1. Find the Cost Estimate

Before buying the car, estimate the total cost you will need to pay, including registrations and taxes. This will give you a rough idea about the total expenditure.

  1. Check the Car History

Check the basic history of the car. This includes car details, manufacture date, registration records, and experience of previous owners if any. Additionally, this will help in getting the car checked for outstanding finance and police interest. Also, whether or not the car is a former taxi, insurance write-off registration, or has changed its registration plates, will be checked alongside it.

  1. Inspect the Vehicle

Also, it is a good idea to get the vehicle inspected before importing. This can check for potential faulty parts.

  1. Complete the Purchase

Complete the required payment so that the car becomes yours officially.

  1. Collect Your Car

When you have bought a car from the UK, there are usually two ways to collect it. Usually, the car can get delivered, lorries and trucks are typically used to provide such services. Alternatively, you have the option to collect the car yourself. If you live in any of the cities near the UK, you need to pay the travel expenses and go there. Once you get there, you have to arrange transportation facilities for the car yourself.

  1. Pay VAT and Customs

VAT stands for Value Added Tax, and for importing a car from the UK to Ireland, the VAT is charged at 23%, as previously stated. As for customs, a declaration has to be completed first. For any car that is originated within the European Union, then there is no customs duty. However, if the car is designed outside the European Union, a 10% customs duty is required for importing the car from the UK to Ireland.

  1. Complete Car Registration

Before registering the car, you have to make an appointment such that the car gets inspected by the respective centers. This has to be done within seven days of the car entering the state. After that, the respective fees and VRT need to be paid, calculated by the VRT calculator. After paying the required fees, the registration of the car is complete.

  1. Buy New Registration Plates

After car registration, buy new registration plates and display them in your car.

  1. Pay the Motor Tax

Complete the payment of your motor tax, and the procedure for importing the car from the UK to Ireland is complete.

Final Words

For ease of calculation of VRT, using a VRT calculator is always recommended. With all the proper registrations and payment, the car can be safely imported from the UK to Ireland without any hassle.