There are times for everything; a time to laugh, a time to cry, and a time to get finally get rid of that old car sitting in your driveway taking up space. You could always junk it, but why do that when you can probably make more money off of it, especially if it still works. And as the one selling the car, you are essentially the dealer. You can make anywhere between $500-$3,000 for it, and depending on the make, model, and condition of the car, you can make a lot more. But there are some things you need to do before you can sell it so that you can make the most profit you can from it. Here are the top five tips you need to know for preparing used cars to be sold.

Used cars

1. Make the Exterior Eye-Catching

First and foremost, if the car looks beat up or dilapidated, fix it right away. Nobody likes anything that doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing. Fix any cosmetic issues before even thinking of selling.

However, if the car is beyond the point of looking good, the cost may be more than it’s actually worth. So if you would prefer instead to just scrap the whole thing.

2. Clean the Interior

Just like with the exterior, you have to clean the interior. If it has stains, rub them out. If it has old carpets, replace them.

Does it still have junk from twenty years ago? That definitely has to go too.

Again, you can’t sell a car if it looks too dilapidated. If you do happen to find a buyer, then you won’t get much for it.

3. Clear the Dashboard Lights

This is where you get beyond the cosmetic stuff. Notifications on the dashboard show that there are problems under the hood.

Therefore, if the check engine light or oil lights are on, be sure to fix whatever issues there are. This could end up making you more money at the time of sale.

4. Top Up All Fluids and Replace All Filters

These are normally notified by the dashboard lights. However, sometimes it might read okay to the car but not actually be enough for the long haul. Be sure to check all the fluids and see that they are properly topped up.

The filters should be replaced in an old car when you are trying to sell. If not, it could cause problems for the car in the future.

5. Have Maintenance Records on Hand

It is important to keep your maintenance records for several reasons. It helps you keep track of oil changes and other things that are done to the car, and it can help to increase the resale value of the car, which is what you really want.

Preparing Used Cars the Right Way

Although preparing used cars for resale might be a tedious task, once you have that money in hand, it’ll all feel worth it. Don’t let that old hunk of junk go to waste. Try and resell it today.

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