If you and your friends are movie and television fanatics, then you probably gather frequently for watch parties. Maybe, though, you’re starting to get rather tired of the same old thing and are ready to switch up your video time. So try some of the following tips to host your next watch party and give everyone, including yourself, a great time.

Choose a Theme

Your first step is to choose a theme. This time around, you may want to focus the works of a particular actor. You might turn to Emma Roberts, for instance. This niece of Julia Roberts began her acting career in 2001 with the film Blow and has performed across many genres ever since. You might concentrate your watch party on one or two of her movies or binge watch a couple of her television shows.

Choose Your Movies

You’ll have to choose your movies carefully based on the amount of time you have and the genres that interest you and your friends. If you’re into horror, you can spend your time on such films as Scream 4 or Scream Queens or if you prefer comedy Wild Child or Aquamarine. Other great options include Paradise Hills, Nancy Drew or Nerve. Have a second choice handy in case your first one doesn’t work out for your group.


Choose Your Snacks

What’s a watch party without snacks? This time around, though, get creative. While the traditional popcorn and soda are always fun, there’s so much more available. If you have friends with a commitment to sweets, bake up some cookies or cupcakes and decorate them to match whatever movie you’ve chosen. You could use miniature magnifying glasses for Nancy Drew or mermaid tails for Aquamarine, for example. Make things fun and interesting.

Choose a Few Extras

Your watch party may feature a few extras, too. You could design a trivia contest, for instance, gathering facts about Emma Roberts and taking “trivia breaks” throughout the evening. The guest with the most correct answers wins a small prize. Extras can also include decorations and appropriate costumes. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Your guests will have a marvelous time and plenty of laughs.

Schedule Your Next Watch Party

So pick a date for your next watch party, and get planning. Include a couple of your friends in your planning process for extra enjoyment if you like. But certainly get started in your creative watch party endeavors, and get ready to break out of the same old rut with something new and fun.