Music was one of the beneficiaries of the multiple lockdowns caused by the pandemic. Many people decided to buy an instrument to learn how to play. However, many got discouraged, because it is not so easy to learn an instrument by ourself. But the solution exists, in order to help them continue their growth, by practising better and more easily, thanks to a mobile app. Here is what it can do for new musicians, as well as all others, including professionals.

Being accompanied by Other Musicians

When you read the subtitle, you may think that you will have to find others that would like to play music with you, or that the app will suggest some of them, to create a practice group. But that is not how works. Through a selection of musical scores, the app lets you choose the one you would like to play, and which instrument you will be using. For all other ones, an orchestra will be accompanying you, letting you take on the central role of the music you will play.

It is one of the best solutions for anyone to get better at playing an instrument. Practicing by ourselves in our room will never let us raise our level, since we have nothing to play along to, that would need us to follow along, at a certain speed. But it is only in such a situation that we can clearly hear when we fall out of rhythm. Most importantly, playing with other instruments in the background enables us to hear whenever the note played is not perfect, as it will sound like a false note to our ear. We can then go back, repeatedly, wherever we are not doing so well on the music score, in order to perfect some of the technique that we need to acquire, to sound like a pro.


It adapts to your Tempo and Tone

For someone learning music, it would be silly to imagine that it is possible to play at full speed, from the very first time we try on a new song. This mobile app has taken this into account and lets the musician slow down the tempo, in order for him to play the notes at the right time. As one gets better, he raises the tempo slowly, until he can finally play it as it should be.

If someone wants to sing alone, it can also be useful to change the tone. Everyone has an easier time on a particular one. If you would like to choose the tone is most adapted to your voice, you can do so and play the new music sheet that will be provided, to fit the change.

Take Notes

Even though the musical scores are on your screen, it doesn’t mean that you cannot make annotations on them. When you work with a teacher, he will always take the time to write on the sheet, wherever he feels you need to work more, to get to the right sound. It is possible to do the same on metronautapp. You can also change the colour, so that you understand immediately the reason why you underlined a part.