Painting miniatures is not easy, so if you want yours to stand out, leave it in the hands of experts

Role-playing games have for long ceased to be a niche hobby with very few followers, and nowadays, it is a very popular hobby all over the world. These days, it is common for fans of this entertainment to make their army look impressive, which is achieved with the painting of miniatures and dioramas, an art that is not easy at all, which makes many players leave it in the hands of specialised studios.

Painting miniatures

As exciting adventures that require a lot of strategy and challenge, role-playing games are a growing hobby all over the world. Gone is the idea that it is just a very childish or “strange” entertainment, now it is a very fun way to pass the time that people of different ages and genders, all over the world, have adopted.

The most enthusiastic fans want the role-playing game to be as realistic as possible, so they generally use miniatures to represent the characters and the dioramas that are the scenarios in which the games take place. This allows for an interesting and eye-catching presence on the game board.

When purchasing the miniatures, they come without any kind of paint. This encourages players to bring them to life as they wish, in such a way as to show a very different and unique army with respect to that of their rivals. The main purpose of all of them is to have very striking miniatures, even more so in games that are part of the fantasy genre, as is the case of Warhammer, in which the characters are usually fantastic and exotic.

Generally, most players do not have the skills or talent to make these miniatures and dioramas look as they envisioned them. That is when it becomes essential to have the support of a company that offers a good miniature painting service, where experts in this art can apply all the techniques needed to make both the miniatures and the dioramas look really spectacular.

Experts always at your disposal

The growing community of role-playing game fans means that the need to create the most fantastic scenarios with truly fantastic miniatures is increasing. This has led to the creation of studios dedicated to the art of painting miniatures and dioramas.

One studio that stands out and has even become a reference in the United States and the United Kingdom is Art-WStudio, a company that has taken on the complicated task of customising their figures in such a way that they can stand out from their opponents.

ArtWStudio is made up of a team of passionate Grimdark fans, who consider themselves devotees of post-apocalyptic realism, although they adapt to whatever the client wants to inspire with their figures.

The team is made up of professionals in various areas: logistics, production, marketing, sales and finance, legal affairs, among others, all under the same premise: to offer the best to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

In the production department, there are 8 painters dedicated 100% to the art of giving colour and life to the miniatures. They work with care as if they were warriors in the hardest battlefield, they leave their soul and skin there.

In this studio, experts work at three different levels: Eye-catching, Game and Premium, which can be combined in a single order, i.e. painting miniatures in different levels, for example, troops in Game level and tanks in Eye-catching level.

The Game level is ideal for those figures that are not expected to last long on the battlefield, for example, infantry. It’s a simple finish, but it’s an eye-catcher nonetheless. The rest of the levels are more detailed and finished, and are simply spectacular.

On Art-WStudio’s website, you can get to know in detail their wide range of services and even enjoy their creative work. Apart from painting miniatures, they do the work of assembling them, which, they consider, is one of the principles for success in role-playing games. A correct cleaning of burrs and mould lines is essential to obtain the expected result. Good assembly is an important part of the process that will make an army look like no other.

Bases are another aspect that must be taken care of, as not having a good support will undoubtedly lead to catastrophic results.

Customization is part of the strategy

These painting studios are a fundamental part for those who are passionate about role-playing games, understanding that the customization of miniatures and dioramas are key aspects. This is how customization could be considered as a fundamental part of one’s own style of play, even as part of the strategies that are put together with the firm objective of winning and, of course, with the aim of having an army as the player has projected it and can take full advantage of it.

The ability to customise each figure is of paramount importance. In fact, with techniques and a lot of professionalism, it is possible to achieve that even the same miniature can have different interpretations. Obviously, this will depend on what each player decides, who must decide whether to give their figures dark and gloomy aspects or, on the contrary, personalise them with bright and colourful colours.

As for the dioramas, the painting service for these models or structures has also seen great growth recently. This is specifically about the scenery in which the miniatures are placed, spaces that players also want to customise so that they are eye-catching, unique and adapted to their style.

When it comes to fantasy games, the criteria of the spectacular becomes more relevant, so players will always want their dioramas to be amazing, even emulating filmic environments. Professional painting studios are in charge of fulfilling these orders with professionals trained to “do the magic” and create unrepeatable and impressive scenarios.

A vital aspect is that each player identifies their own style, this will be decisive in achieving an aesthetic that fits the gaming experience they are looking for.