Everyone has his TV Idol who he wants to follow and be his role model. Well we gathered a list of our favorite TV shows and showed you our picks and how we want to be.

Argue like Sheldon Cooper

Joey Tribbiani
Be foolish like Joey Tribbiani

Barney Stinson
Charm like Barney Stinson

Jon Snow
Know Nothing like Jon Snow

Chandler Bing
Be sarcastic like Chandler Bing

Tyrion Lannister
Wise like Tyrion Lannister

Gregory House
Smart like Gregory House

Harvey Specter & Mike Ross
Be partners in crime like Harvey Specter & Mike Ross

Pablo Escobar
Dream like Pablo Escobar

Walter White
Cook like Walter White

Ted Mosby
Meet your soul mate like Ted Mosby

Mr Robot
Be Geeky as Mr Robot

Be a mastermind like Moriarty

Tony Soprano
Badass like Tony Soprano

Keep calm like Hodor

George R R Martin
Assassinate like George R R Martin

Louis Litt
Raise some hell like Louis Litt

Ross Geller
Take a break like Ross Geller

Ramsay Bolton
And never be like Ramsay Bolton

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