Information in the Video source is one the best option for the learners. We all know YouTube is the main free video-sharing platform in the world but what if YouTube will be banned in your school, college, or at your workplace. You must have a backup plan.

All the V-logger or video content creator upload their creation on multiple video-sharing websites. Today I will tell you about the best four YouTube alternatives of 2020. All of these are my personal best. But you can tell me if your own best have in the comments.


These are the top four YouTube alternatives given below. Read and choose the best for you.

  1. Google Tune
  2. YTPak
  3. OpenYouTube
  4. PlayTube


Tune new open platform that allows you to share photos videos. What’s nice is that it allows you to share videos in a variety of formats besides the popular ones unlike YouTube you can also create an account without the same sorts of privacy issues as making a Google account but this can also apply the others on this list the major downside is that there is no monetization and people can download your content the community on Tune very big and appears to be composed of conspiracy theorists and political or religious commentators overall Tuneisagreat choice if you don’t care about making money and the community is so Big that an influx of ordinary content creators can make the site much like YouTube.

Features of GoogleTune.

  1. Fast Loading Videos
  2. New Content Every Day
  3. Different Video Qualities
  4. Video Downloading Facility

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YTPak is the top video sharing website in the Canada and USA. These days proxy software is very common but they have malware and ransom ware. Which are very harmful to your digital devices. They can easily steal your precious information in no time. So be careful while using this software. But YTpak is non-dedectible, firewalls can’t deduct the YTpak, same as trusted proxy providers like Proxy-Store, so you can easily watch your favorite videos in school, colleges or at your workplace secretly.

Features of YTPak:

  1. Lite and Fast UI Design
  2. SSD Video Servers
  3. Signup / Login
  4. Secure Information


It is one of the famous free video hosting platforms. This website can be the best option to watch videos at any time on any digital device. It provides top content without shitty ads. They only show ads on the videos div. They didn’t entertain the in-video ads. This policy gives then the uniqueness in the market.

You can share videos with your friends and colleagues very easily and download videos from OpenYouTube with one click.

They have introduced a video category section recently. I think it is the best feature of OpenYouTube. Just click on the favorite category and woola! Thousands of videos will appear on your wall to choose from and it’s totally free.

Features of OpenYouTube

  1. Video Categories
  2. Social Sharing
  3. Free Download
  4. Make Your Own Playlist


This platform was introduced to download YouTube videos in late 2010. But with the passage of time, they worked very hard to establish this website as a full fledge video streaming platform. These days thousands of video hours are being uploaded on the PlayTube Daily.

This website became very handy when there was a ban on YouTube in many countries. A lot of daily users browse Playtube for full filling their hunger.

Features of Playtube

  1. Interact with Video Creators
  2. Trending Videos
  3. Watch History
  4. On-Page Video Downloading

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Final Words: Thank you guys for reading this article be sure to comment down below your thoughts on these alternatives and if you want to move from YouTube then these are the best options. See you in my next article.